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The secret that cures wrinkles?

Updated on February 4, 2017

The Wrinkle Cure by Dr Nicholas Perricone

In "The Wrinkle Cure" dermatology professor Dr Nicholas Perricone reveals what he claims are the secrets to anti-ageing and a flawless complexion. He outlines the skincare ingredients that really work. He also states that those who follow his program will enjoy beautiful complexions well into middle age and beyond.

A search of the web, and reviews of Perricone's cosmetic range, reveal some very happy patients and remarkable success stories. Many patients claim their skin has been vastly improved by Perricone's skincare regime. Of course, these stories are tempered by those who were very disappointed with the results and say the expensive products were a waste of money.

Dissecting the Wrinkle Cure

Dr Perricone advocates a wholistic approach to skincare which promises to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate skin. Throughout his book he details case studies of remarkable successes, with patients enjoying smoother and younger looking complexions.

Primarily Perricone's program is based on anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory treatments.

A strong basis of his program is diet and nutritional supplements.

He advocates a diet strong in anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This includes following a highly nutritious diet, high in fruit and vegetables. Included in the diet are high quality proteins such as fish and poultry. He also recommends reduced intake of red meat and dairy products.

A diet high in essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6 foods is also encouraged. These fats are known to be highly beneficial to the skin. So far, there are probably no surprises here. To most people, it is logical that a healthy diet will encourage optimum health, which will be reflected in the state of their skin. Omega-3 and Omega-6 are well known for their role in encouraging healthy skin.

Dr Perricone also outlines various meal plans and guidelines designed to maximise nutritional benefits. This information is useful to the reader, and provides practical suggestions on how to adopt the diet.

Dr Perricone also advises supplementing the dietary plan with a copious range of skin friendly vitamins and anti-oxidants. These include Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q 10. He devotes a whole chapter in his book to these vitamins, detailing their properties and recommended dosages. Some of these dosages are very high.

People who follow all his recommendations regarding nutritional supplements, spend a considerable amount of money, as well as time, on constant pill popping. Several supplements are required at every meal. However, he claims that the effects are well worth it.


A host of skincare products

Much of "The Wrinkle Cure" is devoted to reviewing what are claimed to be 'revolutionary' topical skincare products that have been designed to rejuvenate the skin.

This includes the controversial product DMAE or dimethylaminoethanol. DMAE can dramatically improve the appearance of sagging skin. However, the effect is only temporary. Some research does indicate that long term use of DMAE may have a more permanent effect in wrinkle and line reduction, but this has not been proven.

DMAE is a type of antioxidant. Perricone describes it as a 'membrane stabiliser' which acts to firm the skin and also boost the effects of other skincare products.

DMAE products are available in some of the more up market stores or online, including Perricone's own range of web products. A word of caution: some people can be highly sensitive to DMAE and some have had bad skin reactions to the product. Patch testing, prior to use is strongly recommended.

Another 'super skin' ingredient is vitamin c ester. Perricone describes Vitamin C ester as a super anti-oxidant, capable of anti-inflammatory and rejevunating effects.

"The Wrinkle Cure' also examines the science behind a host of other super skin treatments, including tocotrienols and alpha lipoic acid.

The book is worth reading for its explanations of why our skin ages and why these skin care products work. It is also positive to hear an advocate for healthy living. Perricone acknowledges that simply using the correct skin care products are not enough. Unless you are one of the few blessed with impossible beauty, if you want to have healthy, beautiful skin you also have to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle.

However, readers should keep in mind that Dr Perricone also has his own range of skincare products. The book of course, is a useful promotional tool for his skincare range. It should also be questioned what other research, besides Dr Perricone's has been conducted into the particular claims in this book.


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