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Welding Gloves: Safety Tip and Buying Advice

Updated on January 18, 2010

Obviously, protection is very important if you are trying to weld metal. I would never, ever recommend that somebody weld without proper protection. In addition to welding goggles, welding gloves are also necessary to protect yourself from getting bunt by very hot welded metal.

Fortunately for us, we live in the age of the internet, and welding gloves can be found for a very cheap price on the internet. As far as buying advice, I would recommend that you shop around and find the best deal. With all sorts of welding gloves only a click away, this is very simple and easy to do.

So what kind of welding gloves should you buy? Well, first off, the most important thing to consider when buying welding gloves is that you are buying gloves that can handle the heat of welded metal. After all, you do not want to have hot molten metal drip on your glove and then find out that your glove can not handle the temperature of the metal. So make sure that your welding glove is actually rated for the heat that it needs to handle. Leather welding gloves are nice, but only if they can actually handle the heat.

My main recommendation is that if you are buying welding gloves in person, look for any defects that you can find in the glove. No matter how small the hole is, you do not want a spark getting in. A spark that comes in through a small hole is just as hot as a spark that comes in through a large hole!

If you are like me and prefer the luxury of shopping online while eating your breakfast toast, then there are still some things that you can do to make sure that your welding gloves are of a high enough quality to offer you good protection. The biggest safeguard against buying a faulty welding glove is to do your own research on the welding glove manufacturer. If you find that say, Tillman welding gloves are of a very good quality, and find several positive reviews, then it is probably safe to say that Tillman welding gloves are a safe bet to buy.

If you do buy faulty gloves, then you can always return them. No one bats at a thousand, and welding glove manufacturers are no exception. In my opinion, although no one bats at a thousand, nearly all welding glove companies come very close. You really can't go wrong, and it often comes down to pricing and personal preference.

My last bit of advice is that you buy gloves every couple years to safeguard against wear and tear. In an activity like welding, safe is always better than sorry. If it costs a few extra dollars every couple years to protect your hands, then I would say that the cost is well worth it. And the cost to buy new welding gloves every now and then is very minimal. These days, manufacturing is so streamlined that welding glove prices have been reduced to a fraction of what they used to be.

Remember, always protect your hands in any activity, and weld safely!


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    • Greg Palmer profile image

      Greg Palmer 7 years ago

      Great tips for buying quality welding safety gloves. I agree that buying a new pair every few years is a good idea. There is no point in trying to wear worn gloves that no longer offer protection.