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Wen: A Product that Really Works!

Updated on January 23, 2016

Products That Don't Work

First of all, let me say that I am not easily won over by a product. In fact, I can't recall ever believing any product has ever fulfilled its promises in the past. Now I'm talking strictly about skincare products and hair products. I still haven't found a skincare product that really delivers what it says it does; diminishing wrinkles, fading spots, making you look 10 years younger - no, haven't found it. But I can't say the same for hair products.

After having children, my hair began to lose its luster, and many gray strands began to appear. So I began the coloring routine, every 6 weeks which has gradually wreaked havoc on my already not-so-good-looking hair. And then came the straight iron. It made my hair look amazing. But again, it gradually damaged my hair as well.

Now years later, something that makes my hair look incredible and is really good for my hair, has come along. Wen! This product was given to me as a gift - I had seen it on television and remembered thinking it probably didn't work. Well, was I wrong! If you want shiny, strong, and beautiful hair, get Wen. Check it out below:

Purchase Wen for Only $20

For a quick update and to learn how to purchase Wen for only $20 a bottle (large), with no strings attached...go to the end of this article.

Results of Wen Hair Care Products

Since using Wen, my hair has gone from frizzy to silky, from split ends to none, from dry to healthy-looking. People at work have asked what am I doing to my hair - they say it looks amazing.

If you order this product from Guthy Renker, they will charge you close to $29.95 for the intial purchase, which will include the cleansing conditioner, styling cream, balm, re-moist intensive hair treatment, and wide-tooth comb. I actually love all the products (except the comb - I don't really use that). I take the hair treatment to the pool and the beach, put it on my hair while I'm out in the sun. I keep the balm in my purse and use it for fly aways. As for the styling cream, I use that on humid days. This initial set of products will only last 30-45 days. The other option is to get the 90 day supply for $89.95. The scents you can choose from are: sweet almond mint, pomegranate, lavender, summer mango coconut. I have the lavender and it is wonderful. Now there is a larger set of products available that includes all the products listed above plus replenishing treatment mist - I don't know anything about that product.

Reasoning for Buying Wen Hair Care Products

If you just want the cleansing conditioner, which is all you need to get the results, it is available on Amazon. When I finished my 30 day supply, I was reluctant to order more, because of the price - it seemed like a lot to spend on hair care. But then I looked at all the products in my bathroom that I had purchased for my hair this year. There were a lot, all promising to do amazing things and never coming through. It dawned on me that I didn't need any of them anymore. I only needed the Wen cleanser. So I have decided to be a Wen girl.

Caution: After canceling the membership, not because I didn't want the product, but because I had a full supply of it, I was really disappointed. They kept sending it to me! I had to send it back twice (at no cost to me, but it wouldn't fit in my mailbox, so I had to make a trip to the post office). Then I had to call them, not once but twice to cancel the membership. Each time, it was a lengthy phone call. I am hoping Wen products will be offered in stores by the time I run out of it, because I do not want to order from the company again due to the problems I had with membership cancellation.

Update - A Year Later...

I am still loving Wen - my hair looks 10 times healthier when I am using it. I know this because I did run out and took a few months to reorder it again. My hair began looking dry and brittle. I do have very dry hair, and I believe Wen does wonders for this type of hair. I did try another brand that claimed to do the same as Wen, but it did not.

The good news is that I was able to order Wen from QVC for only $20 a bottle with no renewal required. I had to order 2 bottles to get this price, but 2 large bottles will last for quite a while. Shipping was $3 and they accept PayPal - easy purchase. Here is the link: QVC-Wen

Wen Hair Care

If you have ever used Wen, what did you think of it?

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    • Rosie writes profile image

      Rosie writes 3 years ago from Virginia

      I think this is a great product for people with really dry hair, like myself. It makes my hair feel healthy and cuts down immensely on frizz. The product lasts for a few months so it is affordable, however, the company that sells it will send you about $100 worth of products (other than the shampoo) every few months with a bill. They send it in a box that is just a little too big to put in your mailbox for return, and they keep sending it. It took several calls and a few trips to the post office for me to have this stopped. I like the product but I will wait for it to come out on store shelves before I buy it again.

    • profile image

      greeneyedblondie 3 years ago

      So this product really works? I've seen commercials for it but you know how ads are. It's so expensive though, is it worth it?

    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 5 years ago from Minnesota

      I'd be interested in reading how you use it and what the tricks are to get the best results :) Great hub!