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What to Expect When You Get a Facial!

Updated on February 2, 2010
A woman receives a steam treatment!
A woman receives a steam treatment!

Getting a facial is a wonderful, relaxing and refreshing experience! A good facial every six to eight weeks will keep your skin looking fresh and young. Most women have facials at either a salon or day spa and truly look forward to the experience. In fact, many women consider facials an important part of their skin care regimen.

No matter where you get your facial (either day spa or salon) the skin technician will most likely do a skin analysis, deep cleansing treatment, massage (ah, yes!), steam treatment, extractions (if needed) and a mask (complete with a good moisturizer). If you have never had a facial before, here's what you can expect during each treatment.

  • Skin Analysis

A good skin technician will do a complete analysis of your skin BEFORE he or she begins. They will also ask you several questions including your age, what type of skin problems (if any) you have experienced in the past, what types of skin care products you currently use, and if you have any allergies or are taking any medications. An analysis of your skin is very important as the outcome will determine the treatment that your skin technician feels is the most beneficial for your skin type. They will also be able to determine your skin type (for example, dry, oily or normal) and areas that may need "extra attention" due to discoloration or sun damage.

  • Time to Clean & Massage!

For many, this is the most relaxing portion of any facial. After all, who doesn't like a nice massage! One important note before I continue, it is best that you DO NOT wear any make-up to your facial appointment (it will only be removed once you arrive). First (after all make-up is removed) your skin technician will most likely use a gentle cleanser on your face in order to remove any dead skin cells. Next, the massage! A facial massage is not only relaxing…they are very beneficial as they get the blood flowing! Most facial massages last ten to fifteen minutes…even shorter if you have oil skin (sorry…but massaging your skin stimulates the oil glands…and obviously, if you already have oily skin a brief massage is best).

  • Bring on the Steam!

Steaming your skin does several things. First of all, it makes your skin softer and secondly, it brings blackheads to the surface which make extracting them that much easier. Steaming also stimulates the circulation and obviously, makes you sweat… which makes it that much easier to remove dirt. If you have sensitive skin or no blackheads….you might not need to be "steamed" at all!

  • Extractions

While the cleansing and massage portion of a facial is loved by many women…the extractions part is probably the most hated! When a pore is clogged…it appears larger…and the last time I checked, most women do not want large, noticeable pours! When pours are cleaned and the blackheads are extracted they recoil and look smaller (which is the look that most women I know are going for). A highly skilled skin technician will be able to extract blackheads with little to no discomfort. Once all of the blackheads are removed, the skin technician will most likely apply a soothing antiseptic product such as tea tree oil.

  • Mask & Moisturize

The type of mask that your skin technician decides to use will be based on your skin type. For example, a person with normal skin will probably receive a basic cleansing mask followed by a rehydrating mask. It is important to note that most masks cause a "tingling" sensation, however, if the tingling that you experience is extreme…tell the technician at once as you may be allergic to one of the mask's ingredients (mint and camphor based masks tend to tingle more than others. Finally, your facialist will apply a moisturizer (which should contain a sun protection factor). If you have really dry skin, you may receive another (quick) facial massage. Bonus!

Facials are relaxing and refreshing!
Facials are relaxing and refreshing!

Facials are a wonderful and refreshing experience! Even if money is tight…try to get a professional facial at least twice per year. Trust me, they truly are worth the money and you will have beautiful, glowing skin!



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