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What to Wear for New Years: Best New Years Dresses

Updated on March 30, 2015

Count Down in Style!

New Years Eve parties are the loudest and flashiest parties you'll ever experience! Why not make a festive statement at your new years eve party!

For me, New Years is all about sparkle, glitter and an obnoxious amount of jewelry! The best part of new years parties, is that there really is no such thing as "too much"! (At least in terms of blinding sparkle)

This New Years, I will probably be in Chicago (extremely windy & cold, gotta love Mother Nature!) so I will be in search of a fabulous faux fur mini-cardi or a glitter capelet to go along with my dress. I will also be considering closed shoes and tights depending upon the weather. This certainly won't stop me from going *bling* shopping for some fabulous pieces!

So why not count down to the new year in style! This is your very best guide to looking the hottest you ever had on New Years Eve!


If you goal is to sparkle but look effortlessly beautiful, go classic with the lines of the dress! And remember, there is a range of shine and sparkle out there. If you shy away from too much, go for a dress that has shine just on the sleeves!

Love these dresses by Velvet and Arden B.

Sparkle Dresses

Velvet's Sparkle Dress; $327
Velvet's Sparkle Dress; $327 | Source
Arden B. Dress; $47.20
Arden B. Dress; $47.20 | Source


For all my gal-pals who love anything over-the-top, a sequin dress is the perfect thing. I personally am wearing a silver sequin dress with bright yellow BCBG heels! It's all about how you carry the style, not just the style itself!

I love tibi sequin dresses!

Sequin Dresses

Tibi Sequin Dress; $370
Tibi Sequin Dress; $370 | Source
Tibi Zigzag Dress; $141
Tibi Zigzag Dress; $141 | Source

Glitter Galore!

I love a fancy glitter dress. However, I'm not especially the "glam" type, so I leave this to the divas! A glitter dress tends to be over-the-top, so you may not want to go with glitter jewelry and shoes and bag all at once!

I love this Brian Lichtenberg Dress that Kardashian is sporting!

Glitter Gowns!

Brian Lichtenberg; $575
Brian Lichtenberg; $575 | Source
M Missoni; $675
M Missoni; $675 | Source

Velvets & Fur!

I love a gorgeous velvet dress. There's nothing classier but still festive for those who don't like all the glitz and sparkle. With fur, I tend to wear faux fur, not just to save, but I hate knowing some innocent animal had to die so I could wear something fashionable. Nowadays, they are brilliant at making faux fur, so it no longer looks uber-tacky!

Velvet & Fur Dresses!

Nanette Lepore Velvet Dress; $398
Nanette Lepore Velvet Dress; $398 | Source
K-Fash Fur Dress; $28.50
K-Fash Fur Dress; $28.50 | Source

Capelets, Stoles, Shrugs, Etc!

If you celebrate New Years in a cold climate, I commend you, as I am doing the same! I had to search quite a bit for a really cute fur capelet. Especially one that looked luxe, but was faux!


A-Team Faux Fur Stole; $68.90
A-Team Faux Fur Stole; $68.90 | Source
Shlya capelet; $74.99
Shlya capelet; $74.99 | Source

Statement Jewelry

Go big or go home, as I say! I am in love with bold jewelry, the bigger the better! I'm uber excited to bring out my biggest and baddest baubles for the occasion.

Here are some statement pieces I Love!

Statement Jewels

Tinley Road Necklace; $68
Tinley Road Necklace; $68 | Source
K-fash Bouquet Ring; $8.10
K-fash Bouquet Ring; $8.10 | Source
Asos Vintage Earrings; $31
Asos Vintage Earrings; $31 | Source


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