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Why You Need the Right Hairdressing Scissors

Updated on July 2, 2013

Each one of us needs a haircut and mostly we visit a salon to get a new hairdo. Whenever we are at a salon we see hairstylists using hairdressing scissors, which is their fundamental equipment.

Hair shears is an excellent tool to cut hair. Some stylists choose to use clippers and razors as well, but mostly hairdressing scissors are their first choice for following reasons – better grip, better range of motion, ergonomic design, effective cutting and more.

Cutting hair is faster when using clippers and stylists use them when a client intends a simple haircut. However, when a new style has to be created, hair shears prove to be more helpful because they allow you to cut even in those parts of head where a clipper can’t reach. Moreover, hairdressing scissors allow you to get creative and come up with innovative styles for your client’s hair.

Hairdressing scissors vs clippers

One of the common misconceptions amongst many cosmetology students and amateur hairstylists is that clippers can’t be used to cut women’s hair. However, this is not correct. Just like hair shears, clippers too can be used to cut hair for men as well as women.

The focal reason why hairstylists love using hairdressing scissors is because it provides them more uniformity to cut hair in tight places. Hair shears also allow more dynamic range of motion and cutting angles which is not possible with clippers.

Hair-cutting scissors are extensively used by stylists for various barbering actions. The availability of different scissors like Thinning shears, Lefty scissors, Yoko scissors, etc. makes them popular over clippers. Each of these hair scissors are used for specific actions, like Thinning Shears are used for reducing the volume.

Each client wants to feel good after their salon visit. Therefore, hairstylists must ensure that they keep their clients happy and satisfied by offering them good service while making use of good quality hairdressing scissors that not just cut hair but create awesome hairstyles as well.


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