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Creating a Red Eye Look Using Eye Shadow, Mascara or Liner

Updated on July 15, 2015

Red Eyes Makeup Ideas

Using makeup to create a red eye look is an awesome choice for those with a little boldness and courage, who don't mind making a strong statement, depending on the specific look desired.

There are several ways of doing it. A loud, red color can be used to attract a lot of attention, being used to go out to a more edgy social environment or event.

It can also be used for costume or Halloween parties, as well as cosplay. In those cases sometimes creating a red-themed colorful mask using makeup in face paints is how that is done; sometime using both methods for a total look.

And for those wanting to design a facial look with subtle, softer colors, a light and unobtrusive color and design can be used to complement your skin tone and outfit.

We'll look at this final option in the first photo below.

Red Eye Liner in Place of Eye Shadow

In this first photo of a woman choosing a red look around the eyes, there is the choice to forego eye shadow, and go entirely with red eye liner instead. This is a fantastic choice, as it really highlights the eyes in a unique way.

While it's not for certain, this particular look probably works best for light-skinned women as the one below, as the red liner can be easily seen, and contrasts her skin tone nicely. While it may still look good on women with darker skin tones, this would probably be the best for those using a minimalist approach.

It also looks great with the bright, red lipstick, again, using the light skin tone as a wonderful canvass.


Red Eye Shadow Around Entire Eye

With this next example the decision was made to have red eyes shadow surrounding the entire eye, making a louder statement and creating a beautiful look that could be used in a number of social situations.

The lipstick in this case doesn't stick out quite like the woman above, because in this case the skin tone, red hair, red eyes and red lipstick were intended to blend together in a more subtle look.

I like the way the black liner was incorporated into the overall look. It works very well with the rest of the color scheme.


Red Makeup Mask

Here we have what most would consider a red mask, although that would depend upon what the occasion was.

If a woman was to go out like this, it would obviously be to a trendy and edgy club; one that the look would go well with.

Assuming it was created as a costume mask, then it would coincide with a unique costume acquired or made for that purpose.

Either way, this makeup, which is a combination of face paint and makeup, looks great with the glitter to finish off the powerful look.


Red Eye Makeup Video Tutorials

Following are several videos showing a variety of looks incorporating red into the the color scheme for the eyes.

Contrary to the pictures shown so far, some of the video tutorials include secondary colors, with red as the foundational color for the overall design.

It'll give you a good idea on how you may look if deciding on some additional colors for your eyes using red as a major part of the look.

Red Eye Makeup Tutorial

RoseShock: Red & Black Eye Makeup

Glam Eye Makeup Tutorial

Ruthless Cosmetics: Red - hot - Passion

Red, White and Blue Patriotic Eye Makeup

For those in America wanting to show their patriotism, here is a great red, white and blue eye look that would show great and parades and festivities celebrating the United States, including on Independence Day, or as it's also know as in America: The Fourth of July.

This is a really cute look on its own, and could even be used in different social situations because you really can't see the white on the eyes unless the lids are lowered or closed.

When the eyes are opened, you only see the red and blue, although that cute, streaming red and blue on the edge of each eye gives a hint of celebration in it. Those nice rhinestones finishes off a great look.

Whatever the purpose though, it does give a good idea of what red and blue would look like together.

Below the photos is a video tutorial of this exact look created by the woman in the photos.


Makeup Tutorial: 4th Of July Inspired Eye Look

Red Glitter Eye Makeup

For those not content with just red eye shadow, here's a wonderful look at how it would look to add glitter to the makeup theme.

Again, depending on the social occasion, this would look fantastic in a number of situations, including going out to a hip club or a costume event.

No matter which it is, it's a look that will definitely attract a lot of attention and admiration from those enjoying the creative design and gorgeous eyes.


Red Eye Makeup

Red eye makeup is an awesome choice, as seen by the photos and video tutorials in the article.

The variety of ways that can be chosen using red as the major theme of your eyes are numerous, and the color and look can be as subtle or in your face as you want it to be.

It is definitely worth the time and effort to create an awesome look using red, glitter, and other colors to generate the terrific you that wants to be seen and appreciated.


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