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Butterfly Hair Clips - Pretty Butterfly Hair Accessories

Updated on August 30, 2011

Butterfly Hair Clips For Any Style

Here's a great range of butterfly clips for women and little girls (infant hair clips are at the bottom). The butterfly image is a pretty one, very feminine and soft. Butterfly hair clips look great in hair of any length and add a lovely detail to any hair style.

Depending on what style you go for in a butterfly clip and how you're going to wear your hair, you can achieve all manner of looks from elegant to casual, alternative to classic.

Wearing the hair up is a really hot trend right now and it looks like it's going to stay that way. These butterfly hair clips are pertect for adding extra femininity to any updo.

Butterfly hair clips make great gift ideas for female family members and friends. See below for ideas.

Updo's Are Hot Right Now

Butterfly hair clips come in various shapes, sizes and colors and they make great gift ideas.

A butterfly hair clip isn't always in the shape of a butterfly, some clips have butterflies on them for decoration as you can see from the selection on the right.

Wearing the hair in an updo is a pretty hot trend right now, and not just for evenings. Messy styles where the hair is up but with bits of hair framing the face and not looking like you've spent too much time on it are hot looks right now. Butterfly hair clips are perfect for this.

These clips are great for elegant looks, casual looks and that somewhere in between. You can be as bold or as subtle as you like, there's lots of styles to choose from.

If you want to decorate your hair or just get it out of the way, these butterly clips do both, but in a really pretty way.

Depending the on design you go for, these clips can be not only pretty, but edgy and funky too.

Butterfly Hair Clips For Little Girls

The butterfly couldn't be more suited to hair accessories for little girls, so pretty and cute.

For just a slight touch of hair decoration, these butterfly hair clips are perfect for little girls.

Adult hair clips are way too heavy and harsh for little ones delicate heads and hair, so these intentionally designed children's clips are perfect for mommy and baby who want to share in the butterfly theme.

Click for more baby hair accessories, baby hair clips and baby headbands.


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