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Buy Hunger Games Shirts

Updated on November 7, 2012

Buy Hunger Games Shirts And More

Are you a more than casual Hunger Games fan looking for cool Hunger Games shirts and other merchandise? I've selected some really nice stuff for you to take a look at: shirts, Mockingjay pins and other jewelry, action figures, games, and more.

The Hunger Games movie is hot right now and there is a lot of great stuff available. With the next two movies already planned, the Hunger Games phenomenon promises to last a long time.

If you are looking for the Hunger Games DVD release date, or to pre-order the DVD, BluRay, or the instant video copy, then click on Hunger Games DVD release date.

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The Hunger Games Recap

For anyone who may have found this website without seeing The Hunger Games movie, or reading any of the books, I will give you a quick recap.

The Hunger Games is set in a futuristic society where the people of the nation of Panem are oppressed by the machinations of the Capitol. The land is divided into Districts. Each district is known for a particular specialty.

In the opening of the book we meet Katniss Everdeen, a teenage girl in District 12. The main product of District 12 is coal and is set in what we know as Appalachia.

Each year, to commemorate a past rebellion, each district must send a male and female tribute to the Capitol to compete in the Hunger Games. Each child between the ages of 12-18 must attend "The Reaping" where the name of a boy and girl are chosen from a bowl. In the Hunger Games, the fight is to the death and only one victor may emerge.

On this reaping day, Katniss's younger sister, 12 year old Primrose Everdeen, is chosen. Katniss volunteers in her place. The male tribute, Peeta Mellark, no stranger to Katniss, is also chosen.

The book follows their trip to the Capitol, their relationship with their mentor and escort, their combat and survival training, and then their deployment into the Arena for the ultimate fight to the death.

I strongly recommend the book series and also the movie. Often, when a great book comes out, it is nerve wracking waiting for the movie because you don't want the story screwed up or watered down. They did an amazing job on this movie and I was very pleased with it. I think most fans would agree with me!

Hunger Games Shirts
Hunger Games Shirts

Hunger Games Costume

Are you looking for official Hunger Games replica items? Visit my page on making a Katniss Everdeen costume to buy the replica training shirt, replica arena jacket, replica hunting bow that Katniss used in the movie, backpacks, pins, and more. Check it out!

Also available are ideas on how to make your own Katniss Everdeen costume with items you already own or can buy easily on Amazon.

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Hunger Games Shirts

Buy Hunger Games Shirts, Jewelry, And More

Some of the most affordable and fun Hunger Games merchandise available are Hunger Games shirts. These officially licensed shirts are a great way to show your interest in Hunger Games.

1 - The first shirt on the left, the Hunger Games Tribute shirt has the number 12 on the front. It is black with gray text and a red mockingjay symbol. Show your support for Katniss and Peeta!

2 - The second shirt is a beautiful, dusty blue. The artwork of a mockingjay in flight is gorgeous. This light weight shirt is extremely soft.

3 - The third shirt is black and has a red mockingjay symbol. Underneath is the lyrics to the Valley song, also known as Rue's Lullaby. Those of you that have seen the movie remember the haunting words, and the tender moment when Katniss sings to Rue.

4 - The fourth Hunger Games shirt is quite different than the others. It features a silhouette of Katniss shooting her bow with the caption "Girl on Fire" and District 12 Tribute beneath. It is a great alternative for those who want a little something different than the Mockingjay symbol.

5 - The fifth shirt is also super soft. It features Katniss on the front, a flaming mockingjay symbol, and the caption "Girl on Fire". This shirt seems really popular because it has Katniss on the front.

Click on the t-shirts to get a larger view and more details on prices and sizes.

Hunger Games Jewelry

Item # 1 is the unforgettable Hunger Games Movie Mockingjay Prop Rep Pin. I have this pin and I have to say, it is SOO awesome. It is well-made, the detail on it is great, and I loved wearing it.

Item # 2 is the The Hunger Games Movie Mockingjay Pendant on Leather Cord. It is suitable for both genders and would look great with any casual outfit. I was really torn about getting this or the pin and I went with the pin. I still may purchase this because I really like how it looks.

Item # 3 is The Hunger Games Movie Necklace Compartment Parachute necklace. This single chain necklace is in the familiar parachute from the movies. If you open up the necklace there is a little compartment inside to keep little treasures. This is perfect for anyone who likes to fiddle with their jewelry. I think a man or woman could wear this.

Item # 4 is the The Hunger Games Movie Rubber Bracelet District 12 Tribute rubber bracelet. The bracelet has a black and white swirled design with District 12 in block lettering. This is perfect for a man or woman.

Item # 5 is The Hunger Games Movie Bracelet Charm "Katniss Districk 12". This fashionable metal charm bracelet has a district 12 charm, a mockingjay charm, and a Katniss charm.

The Hunger Games Trilogy Box Set - Hunger Games Merchandise

The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set
The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set

Did you fall in love with The Hunger Games after watching the movie? If you haven't read The Hunger Games series yet, then this box set is perfect for you. This beautiful box set contains The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay, all by Suzanne Collins. These young adult novels are hugely popular with young people, but also wildly successful with adults. The story is gripping, exciting, and the pace of the books goes quickly. Thanks to the success of the movie, we can expect two more blockbuster movies.


The Hunger Games: Official Illustrated Movie Companion

The Hunger Games: Official Illustrated Movie Companion
The Hunger Games: Official Illustrated Movie Companion

This book is amazing! It has full color photos of all the tributes and great details about the movie and the process of making The Hunger Games. It covers casting choices, costume details, and exclusive interviews. I thought it was great to see photos of the tributes. Some of them got killed so quickly you didn't really get a feel for who they were.


Hunger Games Memorabilia - Hunger Games Shirts and More

Do you want a small momento of the movie, but one that you will use a lot? Check out the items below. The items range from a flip book light, to a belt buckle, to a thermal mug. Pick up a fun piece of Hunger Games memorabilia to remember the movie by!

Hunger Games Standee

Hunger Games Shirts and More

Katniss from the Hunger Games, incorrectly labelled "Kantiss" here, stands 69 inches high. Katniss is wearing her arena clothes, including jacket and carrying a bow.

Peeta from the Hunger Games dressed in his arena shirt and pants. This Hunger Games standee is 71 inches high.

Gale from the Hunger Games looking very handsome in this 71 inch high standee. Have him for your own.

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Hunger Games Box Set
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