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Buying Charms and Bracelets Guide

Updated on May 3, 2015

Buying Charms and Bracelets Online

Buying charms and bracelets online can be addictive. Not many people understand what bracelets and charms are but once you see Pandora bracelets you begin to understand and appreciate what they are. This is a simple guide to enlighten you on what they are and ways of buying charms and bracelets online. This simple guide will help you make informed decisions when you shop around for charms and bracelets.

Types of Bracelets:

There are several types of bracelets available online with the snap clasp bracelet being the most popular. They are available in solid gold, silver and gold and silver and there are a variety of sizes and you cannot miss yours or loved ones'.

When selecting, ensure you get the correct size use a tape measure to take your wrist size making sure you add a few centimeters for comfort. Charms and bracelets are meant for comfort and beauty and tight ones are never comfortable. Pandora recommends that your bracelets measurement be from end to end including the clasp and for people who are sensitive to gold and silver there is always leather options.

Custom or Hand Made Charms:

Hand made charms are quite popular since they can be tailor made to suit a clients preference. Most craftsmen will, upon request, can include patterns, birth and objects and these are made from gemstones, gold, silver and enamel. These are embedded, threaded or screwed to your bracelet.

Charms are also available for special or memorable occasions and fit well with zodiac signs, Christmas presents, tombstones and can also be crafted to fit for Easter presents and can take angel and Buddha images.

Apart from Pandora charms and bracelets, Murano glass beads are also available and come in different sizes, colors and designs. When buying these beads, always insist on their batch numbers especially if you want to match them will older ones that you own. With many fakes and replica charms, it is advisable to go for custom made ones since you get to know the materials that go in to them as well as the procedure used to get the final product. This on the other hand makes it tricky to buy these products online especially from sellers who do not have a clear return policies for these products.

Bracelet Additions:

The uniqueness of a bracelet comes from the additions you put in to them and clips are ideal for this purpose and help in holding your bracelets together as well as segmenting you bracelet. You can also opt for spacers which are smaller than charms for decorative purposes. These are placed in between the charms to give your bracelet a unique and appealing look. These too can be changed to match any clothes that you wear and give that sophistication you deserve. You can also add safety chains to your bracelet incase it comes undone to avoid loosing it.


Unisex necklaces are also available in silver, gold and silver with gold and affordable to people who are conscious and value for money minded. These are ideal for gifts and special occasions.

How to Clean your Bracelets:

Once you buy a bracelet, you need to periodically clean it to give it its original look and you need to avoid harsh detergents as they tend to darken your bracelet. Use smooth and soft pieces of cloth to remove oxidation especially for gold and silver bracelets.

How to Avoid Fake Bracelets:

1. There are new and used charms online and a close look at the internet images might not show clear details. Instead check out the catalog number through Google and compare details.

2. A genuine Pandora Bracelet will always be Pandora and not Andora or Murano and Urano; once you verify these, dig down to the details since these are just brand names. Remember solid gold has 585 ALE and silver 925 ALE. These numbers indicate the purity of the metal used.

3. Go for certified dealers to avoid replicas which might have the Ale stamps and are slightly cheaper with unusual shapes.

4. Ensure that the product has the catalog number included.

5. The weight should be correct and the quality good.

6. Packaging should always be original. There could be some mix-ups with Murano bracelets coming in a Pandora box!

Hope this help you and gives you the confidence to shop for your bracelet of charm online.

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