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Denim Purses - Trendy, Casual and Fun!

Updated on March 31, 2015

Denim Handbags Are Versatile, They Can Be Chic, Quirky, Cute or Even Serious!

Everyone should own a denim purse, or five. They have to be the most versatile bags, ever. A denim bag can be adorable with appliqués, lace, buttons and embroidery or they can be more seriously chic, with leather trim and decorative chain handles. Luckily, regarding denim bags, what is both cute and useful is also the hottest trend for Spring and Summer. All the most popular designers have denim purses in their lines this fall. So you can have a designer bag that is chic and trendy as well as durable and beautiful.

Denim makes all kinds of great bags, not just designer purses. It also is awesome for:

Tote bags

Grocery bags

Back packs

Lunch bags

iPad cases

Hobo bags

Kid's bags

On this page, I have gathered together a wide selection of denim bags, for all ages. Browse through them and it will become clear that denim is where it is at this Summer!

~photo courtesy of for an item sold on this page.

More Beautiful Denim Purses - Durable and Original

Very unique and pretty, denim handbags are versatile and go with almost any outfit. Larger purses can double as totes and have lots of room to carry all sorts of things from tablets, to books, to your lunch!

In 18th century England

purses were called


Organizer Denim Handbag - with Style!

A place for everything and everything in it's place is easy to accomplish with these handbags. Featuring plenty of different compartments, pockets, matching coin purses and other additional pieces, these purses make it easy to have a place for everything in your purse and stay ultra organized.

A Luxurious Genuine Leather Handbag with Jeans Design

100% Handmade

This purse is not real denim, but it is so beautiful, and so unusual, that I felt I really needed to include it. After all, it does "look" like denim! Measurements : 10.0 " length X 5.5" width X 5.0" in height. Leather handle 6.0"

Denim Utility Bags - Totes, Beach Bags and More

These bags can be used for so many things:

*book tote

*sewing tote

*grocery bag

*knitting bag

*computer bag


You would be hard pressed to find another bag with so many uses that is also washable and strong enough to take a heavy load. Denim is the way to go!

Where did the term "Handbag" come from?

In the mid 1800s, the popularity of train travel necessitated the need to differentiate between purses and luggage.

Unusual Denim Hobo - It's Purple!!

Want a denim back that is unusual and unique? This one certainly qualifies! I don't think you will find a more interesting offering in denim anywhere!

Levi Strauss was the first to import

twilled cotton cloth from France

called Serge de Nimes

It was later renamed Denim

Do You Own a Denim Purse?

Do you have a Denim Purse, and do you carry it often?

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Denim Stones Backpack Purse

Multicolored gemstones adorn this adorable backpack purse. Faux croc skin and goldtone trim and front flap closure complete the look. The shoulder strap is detachable. Inside has a zip wall pocket, dual open wall pockets and a print satin lining.

Video Tutorials on Making a Purse from Old Jeans - Lots of Different Methods

I have a couple of cute purses and a tote bag that are made from old pairs of jeans. They are really cute! One has a real belt through the loops, and another uses a long silk scarf instead of a belt. My small handbag doesn't have anything at all in the beltloops. It is really easy to make purse from old jeans, check out the videos below, and you will see.

Pretty Pony Denim Purse for Little Girls

This little pony purse is a favorite among young girls. You know how girls love horses! This adorable little guy has a long coordinating shoulder strap, a cute extra pocket on the side and a top zipper closure. Great purse for any little girl!

Make a Darling Purse from Old Jeans

Check out this video on how to make a stylish purse from old jeans. It's easier than you think!

DIY Jeans Purse

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