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DIY Nail Art Designs: Use Konad Nail Art Stamps for Stunning Nails in No Time

Updated on May 14, 2012

Konad nail art stamping kits have taken the world of nail art by storm and everyone who is really into DIY nail art designs know about Konad. The stamping process makes nail art easy, and with the right polish and tools anyone can create stunning manicures in minutes. If you’re someone who does not do well with nail art brushes, pens or liners, then stamping might be just the thing.

What are Konad Nail Art Stamping Sets?

Nail art stamps all function in exactly the same way, and a set usually includes a stamper, scraper, and image plates. The plates are usually engraved with a number of different images and these patterns are transferred onto the nail using nail polish, the scraper, and stamper.

How to do Stamping Nail Art

It’s really easy to do this type of nail art, and you’ll just need the basics to get you started. Ideally you’ll have a stamper, scraper and at least one image plate along with a stamping nail polish. You could use other types of polish, as long as it’s pigmented enough to be opaque once it’s stamped onto the nail. This is especially true when you’re using darker colors as your base.

Step 1: Paint the entire nail in the color of your choice and let it dry completely.

Step 2: Choose the image you want to use on the image plate and dab nail polish onto it using the nail polish brush.

Step 3: Use the scraper to scrape away the excess polish on the plate.

Step 4: Press the stamper onto the plate so that the design transfers onto it.

Step 5: Gently ‘roll’ the stamper from one side of the nail to the other to transfer the polish design onto the nail.

Step 6: Allow the nail to dry and seal the design with a top coat of your choice.


Tips and Tricks:

  • Use a very pigmented or opaque polish for stamping. Most manufacturers will suggest using stamping polish, but you could get away with using a regular one.
  • Work quickly to avoid the polish drying on the plate.
  • Always check that you’ve scraped away all excess polish on the plate. Any excess will stick to the stamper and ruin the design.
  • Once you’ve started to stamp the image onto the nail, try to work in one swift movement. If you move the stamper or stop halfway the image may tear or have bubbles in it.
  • Always check that you’ve positioned the stamp correctly. It takes a lot of practice to get the placement absolutely right. This is especially true with French tip images.

Konad is Not the Only Option

Konad nail art supplies are fantastic and are of very high quality, but the products can be very pricey. Other companies also manufacture stamping kits and image plates. Shany and Monster are just two of the other brands that are available for sale online. There are generic brands as well, and these are the most affordable by far. Some generic plates even have serial numbers that correspond to that of Konad plates, and this makes it easy to find a ‘Konad’ design at a much lower price.

Nail art stamps are fun and easy to use. With the variety available online it’s easier than ever before to get an eye-catching and gorgeous manicure without a trip to the salon. Investing in nail stamping kits is well worth it for females of all ages, because almost anyone can get a professional-looking result and create stunning DIY nail art designs with minimal effort.


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