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Please help!! Tell me if this CHANEL bag is real.!!!!

  1. Hillary Mize profile image58
    Hillary Mizeposted 4 years ago

    Hello, so I got this CHANEL bag at an estate sale on base. The inside leather was cut up but still attached. After putting it all together and matching cut marks, it's as if someone cut all the serial number markings and leather tag completely out of the leather lining. It's real leather, and the outside feels appears to be calfskin. I've been doing so much research online about it and I believe that it's 100% authentic, and I'm no CHANEL expert at all but usually if the serial numbers are removed off of things it's probably stolen. But why leave the rest of the bag.?? Please help! I'm a rookie!










  2. Healthyannie profile image86
    Healthyannieposted 4 years ago


    I have never seen a Chanel bag that color before nor in that style. The actual logo is normally gold stitched, and not that large as on your bag. That being said, it could be a bag made for a specific market.

  3. Maricarmjolo profile image77
    Maricarmjoloposted 4 years ago

    It looks cheap so I think Chanel will not produce a bag like that.

  4. Marketing Merit profile image96
    Marketing Meritposted 4 years ago

    There are actually bags with a large Chanel logo, such as that shown on this bag. However, the bag just doesn't scream 'Chanel' to me and I think the white stitching on the logo is wrong. Also, and it may just be the photo, but the reversed 'C' shown on the left hand side, doesn't appear to right. The gap, inbetween the top and bottom  of the 'C,' just seems too big.

  5. janshares profile image98
    jansharesposted 4 years ago

    Nope. It does not look like Chanel to me. It doesn't have that look of sturdy, yet delicate craftsmanship.

  6. tamron profile image74
    tamronposted 4 years ago

    Go on eBay and look at the descriptions.  Sellers that have big prices will show you what to look for to prove its a real chanel purse.

  7. Hillary Mize profile image58
    Hillary Mizeposted 4 years ago

    Thanks everyone!! I appreciate all of your comments. I couldn't find too many bags with the white stitching but the craftsmanship of this bag is so well done, there's no flaws in the stitching, the purse is heavy in weight... All the silver hardware is heavy and in tact with the top right overlapping the left top as well as the trademark on top right corner. If its fake someone did a damn good gob! More comments will help!! Thanks

  8. Hillary Mize profile image58
    Hillary Mizeposted 4 years ago

    Also the interior pockets are silky with the Chanel logo printed.

  9. Healthyannie profile image86
    Healthyannieposted 4 years ago

    Yes - but is it not padded inside??