What type of fashion/beauty articles have the grearter audience.

  1. tsmog profile image83
    tsmogposted 4 years ago

    I have a board at Pinterest that does very well into the thousands on fashion and naturally the posts differ to it. Most are what is in fashion regarding clothes, hairstyle, makeup, and jewelry as well as who is in fashion too regarding celebrities. Yet, with a desire to maybe write about fashion here at HP one day I ponder the type of articles that would lead to a greater audience and views.

    Would those be reporting on breaking fashion trends no matter those specifics as mentioned or would it be on how to create or emulate that "fashion Streak" at home? For instance the new fashion breaking style may be available, yet have a retail costs into the hundreds. Would articles sharing how to create that style with what is in the closet or could be made at home be more popular? How about articles sharing how to "create" that overall style, yet add a bit of individualized creative flair.

    As a male writer I may view fashion with a generalized and socialized view as to what I would focus on. That may not be what the audience sees or desires. Any comments would be appreciated to head research and reading with fashion/beauty as a topic for articles.