surface piercing hurts.. infected?

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    grecia484posted 7 years ago

    surface piercing hurts.. infected?

    hey!!! i read your article on surface piercing and i got a question about it... i got mines done on april 7th by the side of my right eye and since yesterday night its been hurting a little bit when i touch it. it looks like its bruised not in a infected way just a little red and i was just wondering is this supposed to happen or is it getting infected? if you can get back at me that would be really great.... thanks, grecia

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    Whitney05posted 7 years ago

    Bruising and redness is common among new piercings, especially with surface piercings. It's not uncommon to experience more pain with a surface piercing than any other piercing, but again this will vary per person and the location.  Redness is also common among new piercings. If the piercing starts to swell, redness remains or worsens, and the piercing starts to drain a yellow-green puss, then it's infected.

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    sarahpucciposted 7 years ago

    While it is normal to get some bruising around a new "hole" on your skin (it is the process of the skin to heal), it should go away soon (in less than a week). If it doesn't, then you should go get it checked.