What Is Your Advice On Getting Or Not Getting A Tattoo Or Body Piercing?

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  1. PhoenixV profile image63
    PhoenixVposted 12 years ago

    What Is Your Advice On Getting Or Not Getting A Tattoo Or Body Piercing?

    Tattoo or not to tattoo? What should a person consider before getting a tattoo or body piercing? What kind of tattoo would you recommend if you do think it is okay?

  2. Thundermama profile image89
    Thundermamaposted 12 years ago

    Piercings are easily removed, tattoos not so much. Speaking as someone who has both in highly visible places here are a few things to ponder:
    1) why are you doing it?To look a certain way, to say something about who you are, to commemorate someone or thing
    2) will it impact my employment?
    3)will you regret it? Try a fake tattoo and/or piercing for a few weeks to see how you feel about it
    4) have you researched the professional doing it well enough?

    Finally, my final piece of advice is to not over think it. There are tons of good reasons for and against, but life is too short to not look the way that you want to so if it's something you feel strongly about then go for it!

  3. Amethystraven profile image71
    Amethystravenposted 12 years ago

    A person should not be wishy washy if they want to get tattooed. They are a permanent part of you once they are inked under your skin. A few things to consider  before getting one are, who is going to tattoo you, have you looked at their portfolio do they have one, and are they out of a shop or free lance out of their home? Tattoo's although beautiful can be deadly simply because of sterilization and the equipment used. Know what you want. Know who is tattooing you. Always, always, always make sure they have a portfolio or have been recommended by word of mouth. You want to see what their style is by looking at their portfolio. Ask how long they've been tattooing. Shop around. You want to make sure they can tattoo the style you want. For instance, a portrait artist may not be the best at cultural tattoos such as Japanese, Polynesian, or tribal tattoos. There are artists however, that are versatile and can tattoo anything. Piercings on the other hand can be taken out, but be cautious of sterilization methods. Staff infections are nasty!

  4. Amy Becherer profile image67
    Amy Bechererposted 12 years ago

    I would consider the permanence of the decision first and foremost. Impulsiveness often results in regret.  Yet, no matter how many who have been through the process, unfortunately, I still hear about instances where individuals hit the tattoo parlor drunk and later, regret their spur of the moment decision to get inked. Today, lasers can obliterate inked art, but it is costly in both time and money.

    Once the decision has been made to get a tattoo, the most important factor for  permanent body art is the reputation of the tattoo artist.  The client needs to be confident that the artist will meet their standards, not only in the final artistic rendition, but the vitally important factor that their health remains uncompromised.  It is my opinion that nothing is worth the permanence of hepatitis or HIV.  A reputable tattoo artist knows that reputation and livelihood depends on state-of-the-art sanitation practices that rival that of a surgeon.

  5. KeithJK profile image61
    KeithJKposted 12 years ago

    With either of these, you must THINK ETERNAL with your decision and less in-the-moment. I have many tattoos, and each of them are original. Before I got each one done, I was 100% sure I could see myself in Heaven with them etc.

    Piercings have less ramifications but can be just as addictive as tattoos.

    WARNING: both piercings and tattoos are rarely done once...for example, if you get a tattoo on your right arm, I guarantee you will eventually get one on your left for "symmetry."

  6. Heather1956 profile image59
    Heather1956posted 12 years ago

    Just remember if you get arrested the police I have noticed make a big deal out of documenting tattoo's in a database as it supposedly tells them something. One said it identifies one with a gang. So imagine by accident you choose a tattoo unknowingly a gangs. You get arrested and the police think your a gang member. Hassle. I don't have one and am not interested in obtaining one. It marks you, not easily removed, & I see people who change their lifestyle like trying to climb the ladder. Here they have all these tattoo's and have to hide them. This I have seen. Some nurses have tattoo's and they have it where it is concealed. There is a stigma with a tattoo for some reason. Labels you with some people as if your "bad". When I was younger men with tattoo's scared me. It meant vicious, cruel, mean to me. Now, its supposedly art.

  7. Alexander R. profile image58
    Alexander R.posted 12 years ago

    Just think of what you intend to do in your life. If you are in a "collar" style business and will have a fang or an octopus thingie showing out of your collar than a tattoo might not be the best place. All in all I think its a no-no, cause who knows if your style, mental state and lifestyle in generail will be the same in the future. If you wanna have a permanent memory of it on yourself, then be my guest.

  8. susiempn profile image78
    susiempnposted 12 years ago

    Commitment.  Getting a tattoo is definitely an act of commitment. You will be subjecting yourself to other peoples preconceived ideas of what a tattoo means, some will be good and some not so good.  So if you are truly committed to the idea, start with a tattoo in an area of your body that not too exposed.  Beginning this way allows you to introduce your tattoo to others on your terms and at your own pace.  Once you have done this you will have a much clearer idea of how your tattoos will impact your life.

  9. Okereke Cindy profile image65
    Okereke Cindyposted 5 years ago

    First you have to think long term. Secondly, is your reason for having either or both based on a spur of the moment thing or its stemmed from something more? Is your environment accepting or judging, can you put up with the pressure of having it in such an environment? What about your workplace?...


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