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Becca, What is a better look for going back to school?

  1. SydneyM profile image56
    SydneyMposted 7 years ago

    Becca, What is a better look for going back to school?

    i'm not sure what to wear for school considering i haven't been there in a while. And i am not sure what makeup to use. Is more really less?

  2. profile image61
    foreignpressposted 7 years ago

    You're making school sound like a fashion show. School is for getting an education. And getting educated these days costs money. So focus is more important than fashion. Wear something that is comfortable and pertinent to your classes. I would suggest clothing that is loose and layered. Wear comfortable shoes. In time, you will unconsciously adjust your clothing style to your environment. Go easy on perfume or cologne. You'll be around people much of the time so a neutral smell is preferable. For makeup the same principle applies. Why wear makeup while going to class? I would go with subdued colors with no glaring highlights. Traditionally schools are informal. The focus is on learning. So keep the hairstyle simple and easily maintained during the day.

  3. original_girl15 profile image54
    original_girl15posted 7 years ago

    okay school is for education but you gotta look good doing it right.
    before i started a new year at skl i made the habit of going to a salon and getting a new hair style, it made me feel good and gave me confidence,not to mention looked really good on my year 10 photo big_smile
    and yes less really is more. go for natural shades that compliment you skin tone and give you a healthy glowing look....you dont wanna go in looking like marilyn manson or an oranatang in a skirt look.

    save the fashionista look for nights out to prove you can work any look and still like shexy

  4. miria1221 profile image54
    miria1221posted 7 years ago

    I think good wearing can make you look confident,but it is very important that you  feel comfortable or not when you wear the cloth.