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For those of you who have tattoos, what is it of (if many, pick one) and why did

  1. Lady_a7x profile image58
    Lady_a7xposted 7 years ago

    For those of you who have tattoos, what is it of (if many, pick one) and why did you get it?

  2. ErinElise profile image77
    ErinEliseposted 7 years ago


    I have two tattoos.  One of them is the Disney character Eeyore and it is on the inside of my left ankle.  The second one is a fairy laying across a mushroom and is supposed to look like she's resting on her elbows, but it has faded now and looks like she's talking on a cell phone.  It's kind of funny.  They are both more than 10 years old and are pretty faded.  I don't know why I got either of them because before that I had never been interested in them and didn't really care for them. 

    The first one was done when some of the girls at work were going to get them one night and invited me along.  I ended up being the only one to get one done!  The second one was some whim I had. 

    If I were ever to do it again, I would cover the fairy up with some orchids and get Eeyore's color redone, but I don't want to get any new ones done.

  3. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 7 years ago

    my tats pertain to my life many years ago. they represent my way of life at the time. i wasn't always the sweetheart that i am now lol but i keep them because they let me remember my past. mine represent either having you leave or making you leave to put it nicely.

  4. The Farmers Wife profile image60
    The Farmers Wifeposted 7 years ago

    I have 4!!

    My first from around 15 years ago is of a guardian angel on the base of my spine. It is a tribute to my Grandmother

    My second is a Chinese friendship sign on the back of my neck in memory of a good friend now lost

    My Third is my sisters and my own birth sign symbols entwined underneath my belly button

    And my fourth is a circle of names on my inner wrist. The names of my brothers and sister that form an unbroken circle in memory of my brother that died.

    How about you. Do you have any Lady_a7x?

  5. Lady_a7x profile image58
    Lady_a7xposted 7 years ago

    I currently have 2.

    I have my son's name and birthdate on the back of my left shoulder.
    My second is the avenged sevenfold deathbat on my chest. I got in as a tribute to their drummer who had died.
    I am working on getting mine and my fiance's birth signs entwined on my ankle.
    Have plenty more to get as well. smile