Why is beauty valued so much in our society?

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    Taran.Bposted 7 years ago

    Why is beauty valued so much in our society?

    i get up every morning, do my hair and look pretty for what?  To fit into society. i am constantly thinking to myself when i walk down the hallways asking questions like do i look okay, do stand out, do i fit in? If you look in the long run eventually everyone is going to die and your beauty is not going with you then why? why is beauty valued so much? i am not perfect i do things to fit in, but the thing is i don't want to impress anyone. how do i tell myself to just walk outside with the ugliest jeans? we all know some things that society values are not important but we just do it, to fit in

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    Right On Timeposted 7 years ago

    If you are not styling yourself for your own desire, then why should you? Do what you want! If you want to wear jeans, whatever jeans they are, then do it! Don't worry - other people are too obsessed with being "beautiful" themselves to even notice.

    First of all, what is beauty? Modern consumer marketing tells us what we think should be 'beautiful' - but that's just a ploy to sell things (take this from a Marketing professional here). Many people who actually work in Marketing are UGLY!

    Be yourself. Don't bother trying to fit in, by being yourself people will accept who you are rather than what you're pretending to be.