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Hi! I 'm 5'5 height and 115 Pounds, how can I choose the right dress size 1/2, 3

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    dearchristinaposted 7 years ago

    Hi! I 'm 5'5 height and 115 Pounds, how can I choose the right dress size 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 ??TKS!

  2. TurtleDog profile image87
    TurtleDogposted 7 years ago

    Hi dearchristina!! OK, as with any guy, attempting to calculate a dress size is a risky area indeed.  I'll be sure to put you in one the wrong size.  Calculating your dress size is better served knowing your hip, waist and bust.  Don't tell me though..... I'd feel like that is too much information... I blush easy  :-)   Go out on Google and type in "Dress Size Calculator" in your web browser. There are a million dress size tools that will help you calculate the size you want. 

    Height and weight are a good start for a great guess, but plugging the rest into one of those calculators will get you the exact size (though even then there is some difference depending on personal choice, tight fit, more loose fit, etc)

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    chrissie123posted 7 years ago

    Ok this really all depends on your body type I see your height and weight but you also must add in cup size and how you are shaped really. I would suggest taking measurements of your whole body have a friend help. Research some dress sizes and their measurements or simply go to a store and have someone help you. For example I am 5'5'' and 108 pounds I wear a size 0 to a 1 all designers and clothing manufacturers sizes run slightly different so be open to the fact that you will not wear the same size everywhere you shop. Hope this helps.


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    Tess45posted 7 years ago

    Know your measurements. Dress sizes vary by designer, brand and cut. Measure you bust and hips at the fullest point and your natural waist.  Go online and look for the website of the brand dress or designer and check the size chart. Another approach is to take a dress that fits you well you already own. Lie it flat and measure straight across from armpit to armpit, across the waist and hips.  Take those measurements with you and tape measure when you shop. Measure dresses you like in the store.  Then try on the ones that the measurements match up. You will find that your size may vary by 1-3 sizes depending on the cut, designer and store.  Try not to focus too much on size because sizes are really quite arbitrary.