Answering your panty questions.

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    Steve777posted 7 years ago

    Answering your panty questions.

    Hope,  I'm a full-time panty wearer and would have say there would be two broad categories - daytime panties and overnight/sleeping panties (needing extra room at night).  To answer your questions:
    1.  Day:  bikinis and hi-cuts, night: briefs
    2.  Vanity Fair and Bali
    3.  Day:  pink, white,black, Night:  soft petal pink - think pink also helps me sleep better sometimes white.
    4.  Day:  sometimes will add pantyhose or female trouser socks, bra, or cami.  Nights: sometimes will also wear a nylon nightie.
    5.  Yes - panties help me stay connected with my female side. - Love your site - steve

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    WillDiggesposted 7 years ago

    Wow, that is a lot of pantie changing.  I never knew, and I thought I had to change my underwear too often.... xD

    interesting smile