Save money and transition into FALL with your summertime clothing!

  1. monicaelayne profile image60
    monicaelayneposted 8 years ago

    Things are tight right now. I am not trying to buy a whole new wardrobe or even a few pieces to make the transition into Fall. So, I came up with a few cute ways to do this:

    1. Dark stockings, preferably not black, I have eggplant ones that I will put under my shorter floral sundresses. That way my legs will stay warm and I can wear any of my platform pumps and a cute cardigan to pull it together.

    2. Put a long sleeve turtle neck under my favorite tank, or tunic. Sometimes when women do this, it looks like school girl gone wrong, it's too cute.  Work it out with bold earrings and a cute scarf. (my secret: fabric remnants from WalMArt or Joann's Fabrics with a hem glued into it. Instant scarf!)

    3. I will put my long grandpa sweaters over my tanks and shorts and put a gorgeous belt over it all. And I'll wear a subtle stocking, sheer black, maybe with a tall boho saggiing boot with a bit of wear and tear. Sounds busy but layer sra ein, especially if they are in the same color family, and you keep you hair, makeup, and jewelry simple.

    What do you guys think?  How will you transition itno Fall without spending the dough?

  2. Hannah L Scott profile image69
    Hannah L Scottposted 8 years ago

    Those are great ideas to do. My summer-time favorites were camisoles, jeans (shorts, too) and flip flops. I believe I only wore my blue sundress once for a party. Other than that, I was inside in the air condition writing in PJs and warm socks... smile