Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

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    numuraposted 10 years ago

    Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

    Before you decide on where you are going to buy your wedding dress just know that the dress is almost the most important part of your wedding day. Also think of all of those photo shoots you will be doing so you want the perfect dress.  The dress can make the difference in having fun or just an awful time. So when choosing a bridal shop make sure that they are a full service shop which means they can do alterations and help you in any possible way concerning your wedding dress. Since most likely you have never shopped for a wedding dress before I have put together a list of questions you should ask the bridal shop.

    1. How long have they been in the wedding business?

    2. Are they buying directly from the manufacturer?

    3. Do they have any special discounts if they do the alterations?

    4. Can you get the alterations done at the shop and how much is the alterations?

    5. Who will be doing the alteration of the wedding dress and how long have they been doing this?

    6. How long will the alterations take?

    7. Do they charge bustling and pressing charges?

    8. How long in advance do you have to order your wedding dress?

    9. What days and hours are the shop open?

    10. Ask about discounts if you order your bridesmaid dresses from this shop?

    11. Do they carry any other merchandise besides wedding dresses?

    12. Will you receive any discounts if you purchase any of there other merchandise?

    13. How will you have to pay for the wedding dress and how much in advance?

    14. Can you call them any time and ask any questions?

    15. How many employees do they have and how long have they worked at the shop?

    Although the price of the wedding dress can be a big factor you should also take into account the customer service aspect of the business. If you order from a shop that has the lowest prices but lack in customer service ultimately you will not be satisfied at all.

    Ok, thanks and how do you think....?

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    this should have been a hub, don't ya think?