Men wearing high heels l

  1. Walter Deans profile image60
    Walter Deansposted 17 months ago

    Men wearing high heels l

  2. Blacksheep557 profile image61
    Blacksheep557posted 16 months ago

    Of course men should be able to wear what ever they wish. there are many different types of high heels many of which really suit men  no different than different type of heels really suit women. men of a lighter build take off the look much better than a manwho may be overweight, however the same can be said for women. Men do wear heels, however it may not be a common sight everywhere

  3. Histiletto profile image61
    Histilettoposted 5 weeks ago

    We have been led to believe men don't have the desire and can't wear high heels, and yet, there are female impersonators, crossdressers, male performers in various programs and shows wearing heels, and many males behind closed doors are also wearing stilettos, blocks, wedges, and etc. So men having no taste for the wearing of high heels has to be part of the myth to further promote and strengthen the crumbling or inaccurate ideas of the stereotyping standards, society has used in forcing people to comply with the ideals for the making or programming of its perfect people. Each individual has their own perspectives, tastes, and desires that haven't always fitted inside the established social box. Men and women aren't suppose to want to wear the same items, but jeans sure have been popular fashion items. The choice of what a person wears belongs with the individual who knows what they like and want. Dictating what a person is suppose to like and want violates the natural intended process for human appareling.