How to get my naturally pretty light blonde hair back after A Box Medium Ash Blo

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    Lavanderbootsposted 14 months ago

    How to get my naturally pretty light blonde hair back after A Box Medium Ash Blonde & now im GREEN?!

    I wanted a little bit darker blonde on A TIGHT BUDGET, but NOT GREEN. An Associate at Walgreens going to COSMO SCHOOL said L'OrĂ©al Medium Ash Blonde in a box would turn my hair a bit darker but still blonde (like the picture on the box)...  WRONG!!! After I used the box & followed the directions to a T!!! My hair turned almost JET BLACK BUT MOSTLY GREEN! I used Malibu CPR to lift the GREEN Out & Other Metallic Colors & Now I'm ORANGE!  Im hoping you can give me a formula to get me back to Blonde! I don't want my natural color bc at almost 40 I have Grays! PLEASE HELP ME RETURN TO LIGHT BLONDE

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    lisavollrathposted 14 months ago

    When it comes to hair color, you get what you pay for. At this point, because you've done so many processes with so many products, you really should consult a professional.

    If you've stripped your hair once, and achieved orange, it sounds like you still have color in your hair. You could strip it again, to get to platinum, and then dye your hair back to a more natural blonde. Alternately, you could apply a toner to knock the orange down, and then dye it.

    Either way, it's a lot of chemicals, and you really shouldn't be doing all this to your hair at home. Go to a salon, and pay a professional to fix it for you.

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    Diana Leeposted 14 months ago

    Wear a hat until it grows out or go to a real hairdresser for advice. Too, many toxins could leave you bald.