How to repair dry hair after using keratin treatment?

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    Denisse98posted 9 months ago

    How to repair dry hair after using keratin treatment?

    Hello, I had a keratin treatment 3 weeks ago and my hair was fine. Two days ago I used a bambú silicon mix that I had been using before and my hair became dry and with a little frizz, I washed it today with my keratin shampoo and conditioner and still the same. What can I do to fix it? Did the bambú demage the keratin? I only used it that one time. sad

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    ptosisposted 9 months ago

    Quit using keratin. What will happen over a very long time of using extensions is that the hair will grow thinner.  I know this guy who was a Rock & Roll dude and now older and his skin is about 1/2 thick of dry flaky skin. 

    IDK what kind of hair you have but after chlorine pool I wash hair,condition and then use Matrix conditioning balm  Continuous moisture for Dry stressed hair, while still wet and LEAVE IT IN.

    The more stuff you do to your hair the worse it gets, but conditioners can always use. Look up keratin long term side effects.

    Bottom line: At this point, there is no effective salon-performed, keratin-based hair-smoothing product that can be considered completely safe, according to Dr. McMichael. If you have been receiving keratin treatments, it’s time to give serious consideration to stopping. Even if you have not noticed any negative effects as yet, it doesn’t mean that you’re immune—cumulative exposure only increases your risk.