Shallowness is a Two-Way Street

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    FelineFranceposted 6 years ago

    I am not referring to men in particular, but plenty of women act this way also. Anyhow, I know plenty of people who like to pursue attractive people, (I see nothing wrong with that) but they expect the "attractive" person to see how good of a person they are. Maybe I did not word myself precisely, but how can you call a person superficial if the main reason you like them is for their looks, but if they reject you for your lack of looks you become offended. For example, I happen to have a close friend who is physically what most men would consider attractive, she has plenty of men give her constant attention based soley on her looks, yet when she rejects them solely based on their looks she typically viewed as a shallow one for not giving them a chance. Why don't people see that shallowness is a two-way street?