Thinking of buying a 5 string Bass, any recommedations?

  1. Junkster profile image55
    Junksterposted 9 years ago

    Hi all, I'm appealing to the musical members of hub pages here:

    I used to play the bass guitar back in high school and still have a Fender Musicman 4 string hanign on the wall but I was thinking of getting a five string to be able to play some of the more broader bass ranges of people like Metallica and some other deep down and dirty riffs!

    I've been looking into some of the bigger names like Ibanez and Fender obviously but I'm pretty rusty and don't fancy spending too much, just something for me to learn the ropes on again, if I keep at it I may well end up splashing out on a real nice bass (always loved the Rickenbackers and Ibanez models) but for now I'm looking for a five string which is pretty cheap (circe £120/$220) but also doesn't sound like shit.

    Might be a tall order but I see being inspired by Metallica's new album as a good enough reason to start playing again! smile

    Any one got recommendations? seen a couple in good nick on ebay for around 90-120 for Wesley or a cheap Ibanez.