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about handbag, please give your opinion

  1. JIN1128 profile image64
    JIN1128posted 6 years ago

    Hi girls and boys.  Please let me know how much you think it's reasonable to spend on a handbag?  And how many handbags should a woman have in her collection?  What different types of handbags should a woman have?  I love handbags, but recently realized I should try to limit myself.

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      lalalauraposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I have 3 clutches- gold one, casual one, and silver one. I like the bags that you can hold on your lower arm or throw over your shoulder, so I have a brown and black one of those. Then I have a grey like everyday one that I call my junk purse and it has all my crap in it. Then I have a bunch of different colors of Longchamps. I highly suggest investing in as many as those as you can. They come in all different colors, bag sizes, and handle sizes. I wrote a hub on bags the other day you should check it out. Now in regards to price, I think it depends on your budget. I won't spend over $200 because that's just where my budget is but I absolutely love the more expensive bags. Check out my hub on bags and find out what my favorites for fall are!

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      JIN1128posted 6 years ago


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        ixbagposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        as for me, bags are items that make me stand out. so i care the most about them,  more than other outfits. I have 3 bags, a small white satchel,  a red shoulder bag and a black bucket bag. i wear the small satchel for  dress. The other 2 bags are almost bags joker. i can wear them in any occasion to match any outfits.  in my opinion, no matter how many bags one invests in, some classic and fashionable bags are  the most important.