Effective eye and facial massage for the new year

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    Beautyfeatherposted 6 years ago

    Tired-Eyes-relieving Massage

    let's calm down before going to sleep at night, take off your lens or glasses (if wearing), beginning our first term of massage now (relieve eyes):rub your palms back and forth dazons of times till getting warm, and then promptly let the center of your palms cover eyes firmly, slow your breath gradually,feeling that the heat transfers from palms to your tired eyes which get relieve and then quite relaxed , repeat this kind of massage 3 times( you could repeat it more if you have time ). You could also take this eye massage before applying eye cream.

    Facial-skin-relaxing Massage

    So let's proceed our second term of massage (relax facial skin),still, rub your palms back and forth dazons of times till getting warm, and immediately attach them to your whole face firmly until the heat fading away, then repeat it 3 times or more, it is so comfortable, like your face attached to the first lover's face. When you finished , then please do not put hands off but to gently massage (note: not to rub) the face by your palms clockwise and anticlockwise .

    The above-mentioned 2 ways of massage extracted from the book written by an royal physician in Yuan Dynasty of China is simple. Please practice it constantly,your face will far from the freckles, acne, folliculitis, boils and the like, and wrinkles are not easy to grow. For a long time your face would become rosy, bright, beautiful.

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    Thelma Albertsposted 6 years ago

    I will definitely try these massages. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful New Year 2012!