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How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin

Updated on April 11, 2012

Dry Skin Needs More Than Just Moisturizing

Dry skin sucks, I know this for a fact because I suffer from really dry skin, or at least, I used to. There is a really simple solution though and if you maintain this regular skincare regime you won't have dry skin anymore!

Much like the body needs liquid to function properly, so does the skin, it needs moisture to maintain a healthy appearance. If you think that moisturizing alone is going to get rid of dry skin, you're wrong, you need to prepare the skin before you apply your moisturizer or else you are wasting both your money and your time!

It's not complicated, it's not going to take hours, it's just a few simple steps you need to add daily to begin with to get rid of dry skin and keep it away for good!

What Do I Need To Do To Get Rid Of Dry Skin?

In order to get rid of dry body skin there are two main things that need to be done:

  1. Exfoliation
  2. Body Brushing

In reality it is as simple as that. Add these two steps to your skincare routine and start to see a difference pretty much immediately. How do I know this? Like I said, I used have dry skin, but I keep it at bay by using these steps. If I neglect exfoliating and body brushing then yep, the dry skin comes back and it will for you too. If you want to keep dry skin away, you will need to continue to use these steps.

Exfoliating Dry Skin Away

Exfoliating is really simple and can be done when you shower. I personally prefer to bathe, but exfoliation and bathing does not mix! You end up having to shower anyway to get the product fully off.

Exfoliating is the process of getting rid of dead skin cells. These are what make the skin look and feel dry. By removing the dead skin cells you are bringing the new layer to the surface giving a smoother more hydrated appearance.

Exfoliating is easy, you simply squirt a coin sized amount of scrub either onto your hand, sponge or mitten and get to work on all those dry skin areas. Only use circular movements, don't be tempted to scrub up and down, you can damage your skin if you are too rough. Work the circular movements towards the heart, so ankles and wrists first, this will increase blow flow and will revitalise the skin further.

Body Brushing To Get Rid Of Dry Skin

In order to incorporate these simple steps easily it may be a case of exfoliating in the morning and body brushing at night, or vice versa. Ideally you wouldn't do one straight after the other as skin may get irritated. Body brushing must always be done on dry skin (as in not wet!), so if you were to want to get these steps out of the way together, this should always be done first.

Body brushing is a brilliant way to get rid of dry skin and you will actually see it happening before your eyes. You need to take long sweeping motions on dry skin, again towards the heart. What you will see the first few times you do this is a fine white powder coming off of your skin. This is the dead skin cells being removed, pretty yucky when you think about it!

Preparing The Skin For Moisturizer

Remember how I said at the beginning that although skin needs moisture, moisturizing alone is not enough to get rid of dry skin?

What happens when you put moisturizer on without exfoliating or body brushing is that you are applying moisture to the dead outer layers of skin. Because skin has been conditioned to protect from outside elements, this means that the moisurizer isn't able to penetrate the skins lower layer of new fresh skin cells. All you are basically doing is adding to that dead layer of skin that can't be improved.

By getting rid of the dead skin cells you are giving the moisturizer a fresh new surface to penetrate, this is how you maintain skin that has a tendancy to be dry. By exfoliating and body brushing you are constantly getting rid of the dry skin made up of dead skin cells and nourishing the new. If you don't let the dead skin cells build up, you'll never have dry skin again!

The Step By Step Guide Of How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin

1. Exfoliate in the shower.

To begin with you should do this every other day. Simply use circular motions towards the heart until skin feels smoother. Don't over do it! It will take around a week to get the skin totally even.

2. Body brush dry (non wet) skin. Long sweeping motions towards the heart everyday to begin with. Each area should be brushed no less than ten times. Stop is any irritation occurs.

3. Moisturize after both steps.

This is what you should do to get your dry skin removal started.

In a couple of weeks, you will have transformed your skin from dry, dull and lifeless, to super sexy hydrated skin that you will want to show off. But you do have to work at it, you have to use the steps or else it won't work.

I have really bad dry skin that looks shocking if I don't work at it, I fall back into the habit from time to time, especially when the weather is cold and I just want to be cosy. Trust me, you notice a big difference!

How To Keep Dry Skin Away For Good

To maintain healthy nourised skin,you will need to keep up the routine. Exfoliation should be done at least twice a week, ideally every other day. Body brushing can be used daily and that will give the best results, though every other day should suffice.

Use a good quality moisturizer after each step and on days when you aren't doing both moisturize twice anyway.

By adding these two simple steps to your skincare routine, you will be fighting the dry skin and winning!


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