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Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Skin Care

Updated on April 11, 2012

Pro Collagen Marine

The Elemis Pro Collagen Marine anti ageing range is an indulgent skin care solution for skin that has fine lines and / or wrinkles. Not limited just to the face, the pro collagen range also has specific skin care solutions for hands and body.

Though originally developed as spa treatments, Elemis balances products between natural ingredients and scientific advances. They use a theraputic skin care science that has been taken from directly from the spa to everyday use in the home.

The pro collagen marine range is a luxurious set of skin care to target specific areas, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and the tone and appearance of the skin.

Pro Collagen Marine Cream

If you have to choose just one product from the pro collagen marine range it will probably be this. This is the foundation of the range and is a silky smooth cream that goes onto the skin effortlessly, you don't have to use much as it gives great coverage. Applied correctly, a 30ml jar lasts me around two months.

The marine element of this cream is Padina Pavonica, also known as peacocks tail. It is a brown alga found in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Combined with the collagen element, this cream reduces wrinkle depth, removes fine lines and increases hydration. It also improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin, giving a younger, more radiant appearance.

This cream, and the range in general isn't for everyone, for best results, skin should have some age damage and though it can help prevent the further effects of ageing, it isn't recommended for younger skin with no visible damage. If you have fine lines or wrinkles, this cream has been created for you.

Pro Collagen Quartz Lift Serum

This serum has an immediate effect on the skin, providing a firming and tightening effect to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and fill fine lines. Once dry, skin appears youthful and radiant.

The pro collagen serum is ideally used under the marine cream both morning and night on cleansed, dry skin. Two pumps is all you need per application.

The serum contains Padina Pavonica, Rhodochrosite, a precious mineral, Quartz and Argan oil, a natural product that contains medicinal properties and is used for treating skin diseases.

Pro Collagen Eye Renewal

This is specifically designed for treating fine lines and wrinkles, not puffy eyes or dark circles. If you do want a product for relief of puffy eyes, Elemis Eyes Awake Gel is the one to go for. For an double treatment, use Eyes Awake in the morning and Eye Renewal in the evening. If you do suffer from dark circles, Absolute Eye Serum is the one to go for. It can be used underneath Eye Renewal.

You only need to use a tiny blob of this gel for it to be effective, if you use too much on a regular basis it can irritate the sensitive skin around the eye as I discovered. As a guide you should ideally use an amount around the same size as a thin mascara wand.

Eye Renewal contains Padina Pavonica, Chlorella and Buckwheat. It smoothes the surface of skin around the eyes, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and provides increased hydration.

Pro Collagen Wrinkle Smooth

If you want to target expression lines and wrinkles, this is a specialist product to do so. Aimed at specific areas on the face, you can apply directly to the areas that need it most either with the pen or with the brush in the jar format.

By de-stressing and relaxing the skin, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed and reduced. A plumping effect also minimizes deep set wrinkles.

If you want a product that is quick and easy to use both at home and on the move, the Wrinkle Smooth Pen is ideal. These are great anti ageing tools that targets specific areas in seconds.

Pro Collagen Lifting Treatment Neck and Bust

Despite spending huge amounts of money and time on skin care for our face, some of us forget to look after that all important - and usually first place to age - neck and bust skin. You may have fantastic facial skin that you have invested a lot of time and money on protecting, but what about the neck and bust?

Unless you want to wear high neck tops and scarves on a permanent basis, these areas need just as much care and attention as the face. It's no use having youthful skin on your face if your neck and bust resembles that of saggy turkey skin. Who wants that?!

This treatment will address skin firmness and elasticity around the neck and bust area, and will reduce the appearance of crepey skin that has lost its tightness. This is ideal for skin that is starting to sag.

Pro Collagen Radiantly Smooth Body Cream

Elemis describe this cream as like putting on pantyhose, you get an instant tightening and lifting feeling. If you have crepey skin on your body, this is the cream that will smooth and hydrate the skin leaving it looking and feeling more youthful and radiant.

Pro Collagen Body Serum Intensive Lift

Specifically for the bottom, stomach, upper arms and legs, this intensive firming serum creates an increased tightening effect, more intense than the body cream. For skin that has sagged, this instantly absorbed serum firms and lifts loose skin.

For maximum results, Serum Intensive lift should be used in conjunction with the Radiantly Smooth Body Cream, and applied directly before.

Pro Collagen Hand and Nail Cream

Much like the neck and bust, the hands are one of the first places to show visible signs of ageing, yet they can also be neglected in the same way. The skin on the hands is probably the easiest to damage just through household chores and cleaning chemicals. We're constantly using our hands for tasks and so they need constant care and attention to keep the skin healthy and youthful.

This intensive hand and nail cream provides a barrier over loose and sagging skin, but can also be used to prevent signs of ageing appearing. This cream targets age spots and crepey skin, giving a smoothness and plenty of hydration. Great for strenghtening brittle nails and dry cuticles.

You may have wonderfully youthful skin on your face, but if you neglect your hands it's a dead giveaway to ageing.


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