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Luxury Soap Brands - Another Step To Beautiful Skin

Updated on April 25, 2012

Luxury Soap For The Skin

Why choose luxury soap for your bathroom? Well, it's down to the ingredients. Luxury soap is made from ingredients to nourish and moisturise the skin, not just to clean it. When you lather with luxury soap, you don't get a soapy foam on your skin that dries it out, you get a rich lather that looks and feels like a cream.

If you want to improve the look of your skin, or just make it softer and more moisturised, using luxury soap in the bath or shower will be a welcome addition your your regular beauty regime. It really does make a difference. Plus the fragrances compared to regular soaps are way better due to the better quality ingredients used to make them.

L'Occtiane Luxury Soap

L'Occitane is a French brand who specialise in using Shea butter in their bath and shower products. Shea butter is a natural substance from the fruit of the Shea tree. It's actually a fat and can be used to cook with in it's natural form.

Shea butter moisturises and softens the skin, and can be effective on areas that are prone to spots and blemishes. L'Occtiane luxury soap will clean the skin, but you'll think that you are using a cream not a soap once it's wet.

Crabtree & Evelyn Luxury Soap

Crabtree and Evelyn are a brand that focuses on home apothecary, using products from nature to create wonderful beauty products that are kind to the skin. Crabtree and Evelyn luxury soap is 100% vegetable with added shea butter to moisturise and soften the skin.

Crabtree and Evelyn look to the garden for the inspiration of their fragrances, and this soap has a relaxing aroma of Mint, Lavender and herbs. The perfect way to unwind after a long day.

Lush Luxury Soap

All Lush products smell amazing, but the soaps are something else. If you want to lift your mood, relax or feel energised and alert, there's a Lush soap for you. Made from all natural ingredients, lush products are great for cleaning the skin, they look snazzy in the bathroom and sensually transport you to far off lands with their aromas.

If it's moisturisation you're after, you are better choosing a luxury soap with Shea butter in it. Lush luxury soaps are more for the olfactory system! It's through the sense of smell that these soaps have the most effect.

Lush soaps really need to be kept in a soap dish after being used, or else they become mushy and melt away too fast.

Floris London Luxury Soap

Floris London has been trading since the 1800's and focuses on making high end beauty products with fine fragrances. Floris London luxury soap is triple milled to make it extra rich and creamy. It both moisturises and softens the skin whilst delivering a delicious smell.

Frangrances in the set are: White Rose, Night Scented Jasmine, Stephanotis, Seringa, Edwardian Bouquet and Cefiro.

Soap Dishes For Luxury Soap

If you're going to use luxury soap, it's best to keep it in a soap dish or else due to the ingredients, the bar of soap will become mushy after it's wet. Luxury soap doesn't hold together like regular soap does because of the moisturising and/or natural ingredients.

When you use luxury soap, you will notice that if it contains Shea butter, once wet, the bar turns creamy, if left in the shower or on the side of the bath, any water that comes into contact with it will wear away at the soap faster than with regular soap. So for cost effectiveness, always keep your luxury soap in a soap dish or soap holder.

Same with Lush soaps, they must be kept in a soap dish or holder or else they will disintegrate in no time at all.


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