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How To Look Like Lady Gaga - Dress Like Lady Gaga

Updated on August 31, 2011

How To Look Like Lady GaGa In 4 Steps!

So you want to look like Lady Gaga? There's four steps involved, clothes, accessories, hair and make-up. You'll be looking like the glamorous Miss GaGa in no time at all with this advice!

Step one, you are going to have to squeeze yourself into a leotard, swimsuit or bodysuit! There's no getting around the fact that these items are staple in Lady GaGa's wardrobe. Though we can get around that for day to day wear with romper suits and jumpsuits, more practical ways to emmulate the Lady GaGa style.

As for the hair, well if you're already blonde, you are half way there. If not and you don't want to permanently dye your hair there are wigs that look great.

Make up is easy, below you will find great video tutorials of how to create different Lady GaGa make up looks. As for accessories, this is where we can go wild!

Lady GaGa Clothes

Looking like Lady Gaga on the clothes front is a bit of a task. For a start, she's either almost naked or wearing the most over the top fabulous outfits that have been specifically designed for her.

With a bit of creativity though, and some killer accessories, you can look like Lady Gaga, just slightly more toned down for day to day wear. To the right you will see some Lady Gaga-esque types of clothes, teamed with some fabulous accessories you'll get a close enough look.

Lady Gaga's style is eccentric, she's pushing the boundaries of fashion and has created her own unique look. If you truly want to emulate her style the first thing is to be confident in what you are wearing. I joked earlier about having to squeeze yourself into a bodysuit or leotard, if you are confident enough to do so, go for it! If however you may be on the more conservative side, you can choose dresses, playsuits, liquid leggings with loose tops to create the look.

Bright colors are another thing to go for when choosing clothing to suit this style, the bolder the better. Sparkles such as sequins and crystal embellishments are also key looks. This is a real Look At Me! style so anything goes.

One of the key elements in Lady G's style is her accessories. You can transform a basic clothing look into her style by being clever with your accessories, the bigger and bolder the better!

We haven't talked shoes yet, and we must because that is a key element to Gaga's style. Basically, the higher the better. We're talking colorful, quirky designs that really stand out. The harder it is to walk in them the better!

Lady Gaga Shoes

The selection to the right are very Lady Gaga. She often favors platform shoes and boots that are brightly colored and fabulous! Platforms make it easier to wear heels, it's because the sole of the foot is at less of an angle due to the platform underneath, in regular heels the ball of the foot is on the floor with the heel high above. Platforms enables us to wear really high heels without the same amount of strain.

Not all of Lady GaGa's shoe and boot choices are platforms though, but she does favor her heels!

Lady GaGa Wigs

You can obviously skip this part if you already happen to have the long blonde hair and blunt bangs, but you might want to check out the hair bow, it's a great Lady GaGa accessory.

If you really want the Lady GaGa look and don't have the right style or color, then consider investing in a wig, the two to the right are perfect for her style and don't forget, you can add all sorts of hair accessories to make the look even more authentic.

Now we've covered the style, it's time for the all important (and possibly the most fun bit!) Lady GaGa makeup!

Lady GaGa Makeup

I've chosen Lauren Luke Makeup Tutorials for the Lady GaGa look because I think she rocks. She explains everything in a simple to understand way and she sure knows what she's doing because these looks are amazing.

There are more Lady GaGa makeup tutorials near the end of the page.

Lady GaGa Accessories

Here's some ideas of quirky accessories to complete the Lady GaGa look.

It's all things that she's either worn a version of, or you could imagine her wearing.

From sunglasses, fascinators, ornate hair accessories, fingerless golves, leg warmers and cuff bracelets, all these accessories fit totally into the Lady GaGa style.

So there you have it, from the clothes and shoes to the hair, makeup and accessories. Here's how to put together a Lady GaGa inspired look easily. Have fun with your transformation and remember:

"You have to be unique, and different, and shine in your own way." - Lady GaGa.


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