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Leopard Print Luggage

Updated on August 30, 2011

Fashion Trends - Leopard Print

Animal prints have come and gone in fashion trends over the years, but despite them being hot property for quite some time now, they are here to stay on trend for the foreseeable future. Leopard print is one of the hottest animal prints around and leopard print luggage is a stylish accessory to compliment this trend.

No matter what your luggage requirements are, there's a style of luggage in leopard print to suit all your travelling needs. It's a stylish look that has a sexy side. If you want to stand out from the crowd and like funky luggage that breaks from the norm, luggage in leopard print is definitely a good option.

Scroll down for leopard suitcases, suitcase sets, travel bags, diaper bags, toiletry travel bags and more...

Leopard Suitcases

These leopard suitcases are to suit all needs and aside from practicality, they look stylish and will certainly get you noticed! If you are a fan of funky luggage, leopard print certainly stands out from the crowd. You'll find it easier to locate your luggage too, seeing as it's so striking. That's always a bonus when travelling!

The thing to remember about animal prints is that less is more. If you're at the airport with your leopard luggage, don't wear any leopard print clothes, shoes or most leopard accessories. It's just plain overkill. The best way to use the animal print trend is to use it sparingly! A leopard handbag or leopard scarf is fine, but much like some people do with Burberry, being dressed head to toe in leopard print and with matching luggage is not a good look!

Some people don't care much about their choice of luggage, so long as it does the job it's supposed to and keeps your items safe and away from harm that's fine. But some of us like to have luggage that looks good, and isn't just for practical purposes. Matching luggage always looks so much nicer when travelling. If you take care of your appearance, you should care what your luggage looks like too!

Leopard Travel Bags

Don't be put off by some of the prices displayed, when you actually go to the product page you'll see discounts. That's the beauty of Amazon!

If you are travelling and don't require a suitcase, these travel bags are ideal.

I've been a fan of leopard print for years, both in clothing, shoes, accessories, even leopard print for the home. But only one at a time! As with all bold prints, it can look absolutely gorgeous or equally hideous if there is too much of it.

The key to keeping leopard print stylish is to use a little as possible. These travel bags would look great teamed with an all black outfit for a classy and understated look. You don't even need to use these for travel, if you're a fan of the big bag trend then these would be perfect for that oversized handbag.

Leopard Diaper Bag

Just because you need a diaper bag that is practical doesn't mean that you have to relinquish it's style.

For any yummy mommy who is a fan of leopard print, these are stylish, young, practical and ever so funky.

Everything you need in a diaper bag but with loads of glamour, the contents may be a little everyday life, but these leopard diaper bags aren't.

Why go for a run of the mill diaper bag when you can show of your stylish side!

Leopard Print Pet Carrier

What better way to show off your adorable furry friend than to carry them around in leopard print!

If you have leopard luggage for yourself then you may as well go the whole hog and get some for your dog or cat.

This is a super stylish way to transport your pet, it's comfortable for them and head turning for you! Just because they're practical doesn't have to mean that you lose out in the style stakes!

Leopard Travel Toiletry Bag

Keeping toiletries loose in any travel bag or suitcase is an absolute no no, unless you want your clothes, shoes and other items potentially covered in whatever make-up or lotions and potions you are transporting with you.

A toiletry bag is essential for keeping those kinds of items away from the rest of your packed goods. These travel toiletry bags aren't just great for keeping make-up, creams, bathing and showering products all together and safe from leaking on anything they might damage, they look pretty darn sexy too.

If you are a fan of leopard print and you like to travel in style, consider leopard print luggage. It's not only practical, but it looks sexy, stylish and stands out from the crowd.

Leopard Luggage Set
Leopard Luggage Set


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