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Scorpion Tattoos with a Sting

Updated on August 21, 2015

The large variety and number of scorpion tattoos surprised me when I was looking for some interesting designs, as I had no idea they were as popular as they were, although I suspected there would be some fans of the subject matter because of the reputation of the scorpion.

Another discovery was scorpions are popular mostly on the shoulder and the neck. There are other places they are inked, but those, for whatever reason, were the most popular.

The neck somewhat caught me off guard because of the visibility which can, in some situations, be a negative factor, such as in a number of jobs someone may want to apply for. That is true of all tattoos though, and so in that sense, is nothing new.

But for the scorpion tattoo, a number of people had it inked in places on the neck where it couldn't be hidden, contrary to other themes where a tattoo is strategically placed so the hair or a shirt can cover it up if it's on the neck.

As to the scorpion theme, it is largely inked on individually and not a part of a larger scenario, as many other tattoos are. There were exceptions to that rule, but very few.

The scorpion seems to be too compelling to have something else interfere with the imagery of the little beast.

Glimmer Body Art Dragons and Spiders Glitter shimmer Tattoo Stencil Set

The first scorpion tattoo is one that represents what most of us think of when visualizing a scorpion, although it is, in the majority of cases, much larger than most scorpions. It does give a good look at the details of what a scorpion in fact looks like, and looks good. I would have preferred it a little smaller myself.

Traditional Scorpion Tattoo on Shoulder

This scorpion tattoo is very skillfully designed. When you look at it from a ways away, it appears to be very traditional, but when you get the close up view, as below, it is fascinating how the lines are put together to create the scorpion design.

Uniquely Designed Scorpion Tattoo

This is one of those scorpion tattoos on the neck I was alluding to. While a great looking tattoo and well designed, it's hard to figure out the reasoning as to the positioning of a tattoo like this, or any type, for that matter.

As to the design, it's high quality, and if you like scorpions, top of the line.

Scorpion Tattoo on Neck

While this isn't a real compelling scorpion image, I really do like the idea of the placement on the hand and the way it wraps around and follows the curvature. If it was a higher quality piece of art it had some real potential. Ouch on getting it inked in that sensitive area.

Scorpion Tattoo on Hand

This is one of the few scorpion tattoos that included the scorpion in a scene. I have to say it works for me, even though I'm not a real fan of color in tattoos. The black scorpion is made to stand out nicely, which seems to be what makes it work so good.

Black Scorpion Tattoo

There's a tribal tattoo for just about any theme, and that includes scorpions. The one below looks great, and it never ceases to amaze me how tribal designs work so good across such diverse subject matter.

Tribal Scorpion Tattoo

Here's another scorpion tattoo with a tribal feel, albeit one that is very different. It do like the contrasting black outline against the brown interior.

Antoher Tribal Scorpion Tattoo

This is an amazing tattoo. The sense you're looking at a vertebra or a giant skeleton of a scorpion in a museum can't be denied. It's great the way the pieces, while disconnected, are made to appear to flow together.

Full Back Scorpion Tattoo

Here's another disjointed scorpion tattoo. The obvious differentiation is the blue color, which gives the appearance of being 3-dimensional. It's a very attractive and unique look.

Blue Scorpion

Finally we have this extraordinary, in my opinion, tattoo of two scorpions doing battle. What's amazing to me isn't just the quality of the scorpions, but the sense the fight is being conducted in rugged terrain, as evidenced by the appearance there are pebbles on the ground and being thrown around as they circle one another for a killing blow.

Tattoo of Scorpions Doing Battle

For any fan of scorpions and tattoos, this is an amazing array of images and designs tattoo artists created and inked on their customers. It entails realism to the traditional tribal look, to the scorpion in what appears to be its natural habitat. It doesn't get much better than that.


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