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Colorful Rainbow Tattoos

Updated on July 2, 2014

Rainbow Tattoos

Rainbow tattoo designs are a great choice for tattoo ink, as the spectrum of color is awesome, and you can use the rainbow theme in an extraordinary variety of settings.

They also represent desirable characteristics, it is considered a mirror of much of life. Those conclusions are drawn from the fact that each color in the rainbow has more than one significant meaning

What's really cool to me though, as far as it relates to tattoos, is not only the inclusion of the image of an actual rainbow in the tattoo design, which is part of the genre, but using the colors of the rainbow within other objects to create, for example, a cascading group of rainbow stars.

Some of these will even have the colors of the rainbow within a star, or whatever the object of choice is.

Variety of Rainbow Tattoos

Even with all the hidden meaning of tattoos and those who take that very seriously, most of the choices for getting inked with a rainbow symbol or style was more whimsical than attempting to make a statement.

Maybe that is because the majority of people are clueless as to the more in depth meaning, and wouldn't understand it anyway.

Either way, rainbow tattoos are very cool, and we'll look at a gallery of them now.

Rainbow and Shooting Star Tattoo

Probably the most popular of rainbow tattoos is that of the combination of a shooting star and the rainbow, as seen below. There are a number of variations on the design, but this is the essence of it.

This isn't one of the better tattoos, as the colors lack the vibrancy that should accompany the rainbow. To me you have to have at least a bright orange or red as part of the rainbow, something this one lacks to the detriment of the overall look.


Hello Kitty Rainbow Tattoo

If you want some inspiration concerning a colorful tattoo, this one with the blending of Hello Kitty with a rainbow, and other things, should do it.

You don't just have the rainbow and its colors, but there is the addition of the colors in the lollipop, clouds, stars and hearts. If your goal is to have a fun, whimsical, colorful tattoo, this one really fits the bill.


Rainbow Brite Tattoo

This tattoo of Rainbow Brite is really cute, and an example of a tattoo design incorporating the colors of the rainbow, without there being an actual rainbow in it.

I love the cute little outfit of Rainbow Brite, and that little star on her cheek implies a temporary tattoo on her, which was placed within the permanent ink. Pretty cool.

Those twinkling stars also complement the overall look of this wonderful tattoo.


Lightning and Rainbow Tattoo

With this rainbow tattoo we have a very different look because of the choice to leave out the color and accentuate the very cool lightning coming out of the clouds, which are at the end of the rainbow.

Those miniature lightning bolts add an interesting look to the tattoo design, as does the falling rain. .


Rainbow Star Tattoo

I like the way these simple stars were taken and filled with the colors of colors of the rainbow, The cascading group of stars really look nice, and the colors are strong and compelling.

Butterfly Rainbow Tattoo

Here's a fantastic tattoo of flying butterflies of various colors leaving the trail of a rainbow. I also like how the artist chose to have the butterflies, in some cases, represented by different types.

This is a beautiful tattoo, but I'm not sure what exactly it is the butterflies are flying out of; referring to the three round objects on the bottom. Maybe someone could leave a comment if they know.


Rainbow Rose Tattoo

This is my favorite of all the rainbow tattoo, as the rose is great subject matter for any design, as the petals in this tattoo design show. When you include that with the terrific choice of colors, you have an amazing tattoo.

That dark ink in the middle of the petals, and some of the leaves as well, help to accentuate the tattoo even more, giving it an appearance of depth and a flower that has unfolded in all its beauty. Nice tattoo.


Rainbow Tattoos

For me, I'm really a fan of dark ink and tattoos without color, or maybe a little part of them including color to enhance the overall look. But if I was to choose a very colorful tattoo, this gallery of rainbow tattoos is among the most fun and interesting I've seen, and the colors of the rainbow can be used with just about anything to generate that great end result as evidenced by the above tattoos.


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