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For Women: How to Look Elegant in Business with Plus Size Apparel

Updated on August 30, 2016
Plus Size Apparel for Business
Plus Size Apparel for Business

Well, for those of you who have just landed on a new job or being promoted, congratulations to you! This may be your starting point to the top of the corporate ladder.

But...., have you have enough of (better) business plus size apparel in your cupboard. If not, you will have to build a more businesslike wardrobe but do you know how to do that without burning a hole in your pocket?

There are a lot of options for plus size apparel in the market that you could get to help you to create a foundation for your business wardrobe and they do not need to be expensive.

You can start your office attire with just a few simple selections from the many plus size apparel options. And then, as you have saved more and have additional opportunity, you can gradually add more clothing into your wardrobe selection.

Selection Tips for Plus Size Business Apparel

Regardless of the business environment (be it formal or casual), there are some basic things that everyone should have in their business apparel selection. When doing your shopping, do pay attention on the type of plus size apparel mention below, after the video (watch this to get a clue how business attire should be and what combination can take the most out of your money spent):

Womens Business Attire: Build a 10-Piece Wardrobe

Kenneth Cole Women's Plus-Size Blazer
Kenneth Cole Women's Plus-Size Blazer | Source

1. Blazer - In today's working environment, a nicely tailored blazer is a must and you can find a variety of colors such as black (the common one), brown, navy, gray and etc. If you already have a color preference, make sure that it can go well with most of your other clothing color or else it would be wasted.

Go with the black or dark blue as your primary color if you don't have any special preference. This two colors work very well with a lot of other colors.

To make your blazer stand out, you can always buy one which is fairly inexpensive and customize them by changing out the buttons with more expensive designer buttons; this will add extra touch on it.

You may be able to find that most plus size apparel retailer stores offer some nice 3 piece suits. With a bit more money, you can buy a blazer, skirt and slacks which all come in the same color and fabrics.


2. Slacks - Slacks is an essential clothing item for office environment and no one should go without them. If you opt to buy one or two blazers (which you must), pair the color of your slacks with the color of the blazer.

You and add another in a complementary color such as khaki or gray, which is quite universal.

Always look for pants that have a flat front and straight legs and not tapered. Straight cutting create the illusion of length and it don't focus on your hips.

This will make you look slimmer than you can think. Looking slim quite depend on the cutting that you choose and so choose wisely.


3. Shirts - It is recommended that you look for two tailored, button down blouses. And if you can only have one, always goes for a plain white cotton blouse and if you can afford more, get he second, a light blue.

If you are going to pick up the third one, make it a simple cotton blouse that could compliment with the color of your blazer nicely. Pick the tops with three quarter length sleeves as they work very well under a blazer and still able to give you some warm when going without a blazer.

Shirts, undeniably, are the most versatile cloth that one must have for the office environment, and please so get one. You can shop for a ready made one if the tailored made option costs too much for you. It also works right if you have picked the one that fit best for you. Start hunting now!

Alex Evenings' s Plus Size Heart of the Ocean Twin Set
Alex Evenings' s Plus Size Heart of the Ocean Twin Set | Source

4. Twin Set - A great option that you should have in your business wardrobe selection is the twin set. This is a very versatile pierce of business apparel and you can wear it with slacks or under a blazer.

A twin set can enhance your appearance very differently as you may look elegant in it, regardless your size. In face, a twin set can also makes you look thinner and better shaped than you can imagine.

This, however, depends on the design, fabric and color that you choose.

Jones New York Women's Plus-Size Long Sleeve Tunic Dress
Jones New York Women's Plus-Size Long Sleeve Tunic Dress | Source

5. Dress - Dress can be an essential item in the office environment since wearing the same executive style could be a bit bored. A simple nicely tailored or ready made dress is definitely a great addition to your clothing selection.

Wear it by itself or with the blazer on top. The best color that you should pick is dark as it is more versatile and makes you look slim.

6. Shoes - No one goes without the shoes. Add a pair of nice, plain pumps or a pair of boots (with a low heel) and you are perfect to go. Pumps or boots can be worn with just about anything and it is definitely good to have variety to change from day to day.

Plus Size Corporate Cubicle Chic Outfit of the Day

Not Ready for a Complete Wardrobe Makeover?

Having to change your plus size apparel wardrobe to include a professional clothing can be a little intimidating at first. But that doesn't meant that it has to be very expensive, look around and you should be able to find the right plus size apparel for yourself.

To enhance your appearance, you can always add stylish accessories which can be a pair of nice earrings, some colorful scarves, a bracelet or brooch, even a shawl worn over a blazer. They could add to your overall professional appearance greatly. But do remember that you should go with the accessories that are simple and elegant.

Over time, you will want to add more items in your apparel selection, so it is good that you think about how each piece that you plan to buy can work or blend easily with the rest of your plus size apparel wardrobe. Always get items that could blend in and complement with your existing pieces well and that way, you will have much more options to choose from.

Plus Size OOTD + Shopping at Forever 21 + Haul

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  • mulberry1 profile image

    mulberry1 6 years ago

    There seems to be an increasing number of options for larger people (which is good). I'm envious of some of the fashions I see.

  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 7 years ago from Malaysia

    Thanks for that, Angela. I'm glad that's help. :)

  • profile image

    Angela 7 years ago

    I want to thank you for helping us plus size women with no fashion experience at all like myself. I'm a short (4'9) 180 pound toned lady with no fashion at all I searched the web this morning looking for help and came across your site. Now I think I finally might have a clue as to what and how I should be dressing. I get so jealous of everyone that knows how to put things together and I haven't a clue. I needed your guidance today. But hope I can do this alone. Thank You a person in need, of fashion style.