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Plus Size Jeans Can Make You Look Good Too!

Updated on November 17, 2015

Jeans is made popular by the legendary jeans maker, Levi Strauss where he started a little clothing business that supplied blue jeans to gold miners during that time at very low prices. Jeans were perfect for the gold miners as these clothes can endure rugged terrain and rough treatment without any problem.

Today, these blues have earned their place as the most popular and versatile clothing for both the men and women; jeans can be worn for almost every occasion.

Having a plus size figure can make shopping for garments a daunting experience. The chances of finding a stylish pair of jeans which yet could provide the level of comfort-ability that you desire could be very hard.

Majority of the jeans will either hug your legs too tightly or cut into the waist or stomach, which make you feel extremely uncomfortable, particular if you are going to wear it for long hours. Choosing the right pair of plus size jeans can create the illusion of longer legs and smaller hips, which eventually make you look slimmer overall.

Tips on Choosing the Right Pair of Denim

Stretch Material Fabric
Stretch Material Fabric

1# Stretch Material Fabric

To provide the best comfort-ability level for the wearers, plus size jeans are increasingly being made with stretch material that would allow the jean fabric to give slightly.

If you are looking for this type of jeans, make sure that you check out the label and make sure that the word ‘stretch’ is mentioned there.

Stretch fabric is made of a cotton, poly and spandex blend and so it could virtually glide onto the body and stretches only when and where needed. It is definitely the best choice as it provides the maximum comfort and enhance your body shape effectively.

Moreover, stretch fabric type of plus size jeans will continue to stretch out with wear and thus, helping to keep you feel comfortable throughout the day; you don’t have to worry even if you have to wear it the whole day.

2# Choose "Mid-Rise" and Avoid "Low Rise"

The next thing that you should consider when getting a plus size jeans is the “mid-rise” qualities. Most of the jeans sold in the market today are of “low-rise” and they look great if you have no curves.

However, individuals with plus size figure should always avoid low rise clothing because they do not compensate for larger waists, hips and thighs. It won’t make you look good on them. Low cut jeans pushes your belly fat above the waist band and emphasize the midriff area, so instead of hiding the part, it makes it a focal point instead. Moreover, plus size people always find low rise jeans or hipsters very uncomfortable to wear.

Classic Cut Jeans
Classic Cut Jeans
Dark Colored Jeans
Dark Colored Jeans

3# Consider Classic Cut

To get the most out of a plus size jeans, you could also try out the classic cut jeans. Being more appealing and attractive, a classic cut jeans helps you to remain stylish which at the same time provides you with high level of comfort-ability. Sitting just below the waist and having a straight leg from the hip all the way down, gives a plus sized figure woman’s body a long and leaner look. This definitely enhances the overall look.

4# Choose the Dark Colored

Besides, choosing a dark colored pair of plus size jeans is more suitable than getting those light colors. Dark colors jeans make a person figure look slimmer and better; it doesn’t stand out. Also avoid plus size jeans that are over styled or too trendy, those fancy stitching, extra pockets and extreme fading only make it looks bad. A dark wash plus size jeans with the normal five pockets is perfect with tee shirts, dress shirts and sweaters.

Again, jeans are a very versatile wardrobe options and plus size people shouldn’t avoid getting them just for being larger. Selecting the right pair of plus size jeans will definitely make the individual more attractive and stylish.


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