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Tips on Buying Plus Size Women Jeans

Updated on March 28, 2013
Plus Size Women Jeans
Plus Size Women Jeans

It doesn't matter what kind of clothing and fittings that you choose, you deserve to not only look good but also being comfortable in what you are in. This is essentially true for a pair of plus size women jeans, as we all know that finding the right pair of denim for larger figure women is kind a hard.

However, that doesn't mean that a larger size woman should give up wearing a jeans entirely. Jeans is a very versatile clothing that all walks of lives wear, there is no reason why one shouldn't wear it.

There is a myth surrounding most people, thinking that plus size people will not be able to look great despite the clothes that they choose, particular in a pair of pants. This is a wrong perception as everybody can look great when they pick up the right choice of clothes that suit them.

This is not further than true for a pair of plus size women jeans. Before getting a pair or two of plus size designer jeans, there are a couple of things that you should consider, especially if you want to look as great and curvaceous as possible.

Below are the principles that cloth designers follow when crafting out their designs for the bigger size people. And by following the same guidelines, you can definitely look good when picking up your choice of denim.

Premium Plus Size Women Jeans
Premium Plus Size Women Jeans | Source

1. Never attempt to buy pants that are too tight or too baggy. These kinds of cuttings only demonstrate the weakness part of your body. Skinny jeans will only highlight bulges; it makes your bulges even more noticeable.

Contrarily to most believe, baggy jeans hides nothing at all and in fact, it only makes you appear larger than you are.

2. For best results, choose a pair of plus size jeans that has large buttons and low-set back pockets as this is able to balance your proportions more evenly. It makes you naturally more 'figure' and 'body-lined'.

There are even some designers who add waistband modifications in the pants to make them thicker and higher. A higher waistband will provide you with extra stomach stability; it fits better in such a way and do not expose the 'size' of your stomach the way a lower waistband does.

3. Do not undermine the effect of color towards your appearance and when picking up a plus size women jeans, always go with a dark wash rather than a light wash.

A dark wash jeans can create an "illusion" of thinness, it makes you look thinner and taller than you actually are. At such, you should always choose a dark blue or black jeans and avoid light blue and white denim entirely.

Trendy Plus Size Women Jeans
Trendy Plus Size Women Jeans

4. Make sure that you always choose the jeans that fit you well rather than your truly size. For example, if you look better in a pair of 17's than a pair of 15's, always go for the former. Even if the smaller size does fit you, it may not be the best choice in term of appearance.

Sometimes and which depends on the cutting of the pants, a pair of pants in a larger size might make you appear even slimmer than a pair in a smaller size. What you should go for it your overall appearance and not just focus on your pants.


5. If you have the budget, consider paying a bit more for a superior cut. A pair of plus size designer jeans might be a little more expensive but it worth the price as some designers offer better cuts and fabric at an additional cost.

Cheap denim will not always flatter you, so be willing to have a higher budget for better and higher quality.

6. Not all designers brands offer plus size jeans, so you have better to do a bit or research to find the lesser known brands that do produce high quality denim.

If you know a local designer in your area, you can approach him or her if you can have one specifically produced for you. Just always remember to go for a dark wash with beneficial modifications (these are the basic factors of choosing your pants).

Overall, getting a plus size women jeans particular from the top designer brands will cost a bit of money. They are not always 'too expensive' until that you can't afford to own one, sometimes you might be shocked to find one that just costs in the same range of a normal jeans.

If you already have a particular pair in mind, spend some time to check online for deals on plus size clothing and you might be able to find a fair price on a new or used pair of denim. In case if you prefer going to your nearest shopping center, always follow the tips mentioned above when trying on a pair or two of plus size women jeans.

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  • profile image

    debra 3 years ago

    I am not curvy so it it extremely hard to find jeans. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am a size 20/22, with a large middle and narrow hips and rear.