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Reasons to Buy a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Updated on May 13, 2015

If you are one of those guys who bought a diamond ring many years ago in hopes of meeting the right one to give it to, and you think you found that person, you might want to reconsider the ring!

Every girl wants a ring that was bought with them in mind, not something that could have wound up on anyone’s finger! And every girl who is marriage-worthy, deserves a ring just for her.

Sapphire vs. Diamond

“Diamonds are forever” is the very clever marketing campaign started shortly after the Great Depression, in an effort to boost the sale of diamonds in the almost non-existent economy.

And it stuck, all too well. Today, as much as 75% of all brides and bachelorettes wear a diamond. So what about the other 25%? The growing 25%, that is.

What is sapphire?

Sapphires come from the mineral corundum, but only a small amount of corundum is gemstone quality, which is what is referred to as a sapphire.

Although sapphires are typically associated with being deep-blue, they are more commonly pale and can range from yellow to green to purple and pink. If you are familiar with the movie “Titanic,” then you likely know of the “heart of the ocean” necklace that Rose wore in the film; the one with the big, heart-shaped, deep blue stone surrounded by diamonds. That is a sapphire.

Although diamonds are touted as the hardest thing on Earth, sapphires come second, with a Mohs hardness of 9. This makes this stone extremely versatile and durable for any type of jewelry, especially since it is hard enough to be used for industrial purposes.


Fun Fact:
Rubies are actually just red sapphires!


  • They are really not all that rare

  • They can easily be man-made without differentiation

  • Prices are well over-inflated


  • Almost just as hard as a diamond
  • A rather rare form of the mineral they are made from

  • Much cheaper than a diamond
  • Vibrant and come in a huge variety of colors


Growing Interest in Sapphire

Earlier, I mentioned the “growing 25%” who are opting for stones other than diamonds. Many women have a glowing preference for sapphires over diamonds due to their durability, visual appeal, variety of color options, and their overall worth.

There is so much more out there than settling on an overpriced diamond for an engagement ring; it’s all a matter of preference really.

Sapphire Shopping Guide

If you found out that your girlfriend has really been looking at sapphire engagement rings, then start shopping with the following tips in mind:

  • Look for blue sapphires that come from Kashmir or Mogok, Burma as it is said that these are of the finest quality of color and clarity without the use of heat treatment.

  • Look for color quality. Bigger is not better in the case of a sapphire. Look for deep, clear, vibrant colors.

  • Be sure to view the stones under a natural light so that you can see the true color. Indoor lights can interact with the color of the stone, either making it appear to be of better quality, or taking away from the quality of the color.

  • If you are looking for the best of the best, look for a sapphire that has not been heat treated.

  • Consider white sapphires in lieu of diamonds, as they have a strong resemblance to diamonds, so if she wants a diamond but it’s just not in the budget, get a white sapphire and upgrade later.

Sapphire engagement rings are the perfect alternative for someone who just doesn’t like diamonds, so if you know your lady doesn’t like diamonds, but don’t know what stone she does like, a sapphire is a great option!


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Picking Her Perfect Ring

The process of getting engaged is stressful enough on the man, from the whole planning process to the actual proposal. You all strive for perfection in the moment, and really give a valiant effort! But let’s face it, things can go wrong, so hopefully you either have a good sense of humor, or the perfect ring!

A ring can make all the difference, especially if you come to find out she likes sapphire engagement rings, and you already got a diamond.

Do not give her a diamond if she has her heart set on something else. And likewise, do not give her a different stone if she loves her diamonds! You want her to say “yes,” right? Ok, so before you go out and buy a ring, it’s best to find out what she likes first.

You don’t want her to find out that you're up to something, so you need to be stealth:

  • Ask her friends: Her friends may have a great idea about the type of jewelry she is into. If you want to take it a step further, set it up: Have one of her friends take her to the mall to look at jewelry and feel her out on what she is looking for.

  • Listen to her: If she is marriage-minded, she is likely already dropping you hints, so be sure to pick them up!

  • What does she wear? Does she own any diamonds? Or does she wear a lot of another type of stone?

  • Take her to a jewelry store: Maybe set it up to where you are having a watch or necklace cleaned and bring her with you to pick it up, and see if she is taking into any of the jewelry in the showcase.

If your lady is into sapphire engagement rings, then it is best that is what you get for her when you pop the big question! Getting the perfect ring gets you one step closer to that big “Yes!”

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