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Baby Smurf Costume

Updated on October 22, 2017

Smurfs Newborn Romper Costume

What a precious baby doll in Smurf clothes! Nothing says sweet and cuddly better than a Smurf romper - in classic Smurf blue of course. This outfit is taken from The Smurf's Movie. And it's warm and toasty enough to sleep in, as well as to trick or treat in. Who could open their front door and say no to a little Smurf? It is just not a real possibility.

Style for the relatives in basic blue. Grandma and Grandpa will be beside themselves when they see this much cuteness in one place! They will love every minute and they will be thrilled with the cute Smurf hat and costume. This is truly a costume worthy of Smurfville and it's peaceful round blueness.

This is not a scary costume, because babies cry frightfully when they get scared. Think back to your Smurfs Cartoon, and remember the feeling of Smurfville. It's a happy place and a helpful place. Everything in the village is tidy and neat and as blue as the sky and the Smurfs are happy. Smurfs are the most smiley creatures I know and visiting Smurfville is always a wonderous treat. I always leave there smiling myself - nothing scary or weird, just a bunch of loving peaceful Smurfs.

Take me back to Smurfville, where Smurfs live, play, and work. Sometimes they get in a little trouble, but Papa Smurf always knows just what to do. The Smurfs make a plan and they keep going until the problem is solved.

Smurfette Romper And Headpiece

The Smurfs Romper And Headpiece Smurfette
The Smurfs Romper And Headpiece Smurfette

Oh, and here's a little girl Smurf! Shades of Smurfette!


Smurf Cartoon Classics!

Smurfs alive! They are everywhere once you start looking.

I would like to be a Smurf if I ever grow up. Blue is my color.

Welcome To Smurfville

Smurfville rocks!

The Smurfs Movie Trailer

© 2013 Linda Hahn

Welcome To Smurfville, Little Smurf!

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