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Top 10 Youtube Videos for Rick and Morty Fans!

Updated on January 22, 2017
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The Adult Swim series Rick and Morty is decidedly one of the best animated shows the internet has ever seen. The crazy interdimensional story line is, at times, difficult to follow, and the show is packed full of philosophical and pop-culture references that may be elusive on the first watch. Thankfully, there are some pretty incredible Youtube videos that point out the references, explain the time lines and even posit fascinating theories. There are far more than 10 great ones, but these are my top 10 Youtube videos for Rick and Morty fans (spoilers ahead).

Video via Film Theory

#1 Rick's True Crime

@MatPatGT from the Film Theory Youtube channel has made another original fan theory that will have you convinced. In this video, MatPat doesn't just speculate about Rick's true crime from the end of season two, he also provides some great context for the show and points out things you might have missed. Most importantly, the video is just entertaining to watch if you're a fan of Rick and Morty!

Video via Space Penguin

#2 Why is Rick so Depressed?

The Space Penguin Youtube channel delivers a popular Reddit theory about how Rick knows he is in a TV show, and provides ample evidence to back up the claim. In addition to this theory, Space Penguin suggests that Rick's obvious depression is a result of his knowledge about his universe, namely that it is merely a miniverse (a TV show) in our real (?) universe. It gets pretty deep and, honestly, I just see this video and theory as a tool to enhance my experience of the show.

Video via Wisecrack

#3 Philosophy of Rick & Morty

Jared from the Wisecrack Youtube channel dives right into the philosophical depths of Rick and Morty as he usually does. Wisecrack has a distinct method of really breaking down a show and getting at the bedrock, and this episode is no exception. From connections to HP Lovecraft and questions such as "are we significant", to philosophical musings from the great Arthur Schopenhauer and Albert Camus' concept of Absurdism -- Jared covers the maximum number of bases possible in under 20 minutes.

Video via Cartoon Conspiracies

#4 Rick Knows he's a Cartoon

The ChannelFrederator Youtube channel covered the theory about Rick knowing that he is a character in a cartoon in a little more depth than Space Penguin's video above, though I liked Space Penguin's touch about the depression, so I wanted to include it as well. The channel's Cartoon Conspiracy web-series is pretty popular and doesn't fail to deliver a great video explaining this one in detail.

Video via Wisecrack

#5 Must-Know References

Another great video from the Wisecrack Youtube channel is this characteristically in-depth analysis of many of the most interesting references in Rick and Morty. While Jared doesn't point out every single reference or uncover every Easter egg, he does latch on to some of the best references and really deliver on the expectation for philosophical depth we have come to associate with Wisecrack. See #9 for a more extensive coverage of references.

Video via ChannelFrederator

#6 107 Rick and Morty Facts

Credit goes to the ChannelFrederator Youtube channel for this one on their #ToonedUp web-series.This video is great for just combing through and learning anything you might not have known about the show. It starts off with some pretty common knowledge, but it gets better, I promise! The best part is that 107 facts wasn't enough, they made a second episode with 107 more Rick and Morty facts!

Video via ETC Show

#7 Ask Rick and Morty!

The ETC Show Youtube channel brought this spectacular interview with the creators of Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. It's not like you can't find plenty or interviews with Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, it's just that there are a few really great moments in this particular show and some great reveals (back in 2015, a lot of this stuff was just coming out, and helped to build some of the theories in other videos on this list).

Video via Jon Foley

#8 R & M Panel Comic-Con

Dan Harmon and friends appear at the 2016 Comic-Con festival in San Diego and drop some bombs on the fan base (good bombs, like knowledge-bombs and stuff). With everybody waiting on the edge of their seats for season three, and looking for any little hints as to how Rick might escape prison, this panel was much a much appreciated present, if only to prove that we're still in the right dimension, the one where Rick and Morty actually exists!

Video via AlltimeMovies

#9 Every Ref. in Season 1

As promised above, and thanks to the AlltimeMovies Youtube channel, this video delivers a much broader coverage of every reference in Rick and Morty. However, they do such a good job that they only get through season 1, but they did a second video for every reference in Rick and Morty season 2! If you're just looking for a rapid-fire list of every reference from the show with a visual representation, this is the best place to find it!

Video via Tiarawhy

#10 Judge Morty

The Tiarawhy Youtube channel was created by an independent animator who makes silly videos for silly people (their words not mine). They made this sidesplitting fan parody the depicts Rick on trial for a murder (?) and Morty as the judge. The entire video pretty much consists of one long and hilarious argument between the two. It's comedic without the overarching philosophical themes we're used to in Rick and Morty, allowing one to purely enjoy the humour (& heavy language).

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