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16 Port Switch

Updated on June 12, 2013

With your growing computer network, you are going to require the capability to link your computers in an efficient and economical manner. Your business probably has a number of computers that require linking, and this necessity is likely to need expansion in the coming months or years. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, the addition of a 16 port Ethernet switch to your computer network is an ideal way to handle your computing workload. A 16 port switch gives you speed and efficiency in sharing files among your computer terminals and with the wider internet world.

And how does the 16 port switch provide you with these capabilities? What should you look for in a 16 port switch, and where can you purchase these handy tools? The article below will give you these answers.

A 16 Port Switch will help with at home networking.
A 16 Port Switch will help with at home networking.

What is a 16 Port Switch?

In networking, there are two basic ways in which computers are linked, in hubs and through the use of switches. Of these two modes, switches are by far the best and most efficient manner of creating a network. Switches lead to much faster and efficient sharing of files and data, especially larger files such as video and other multimedia. If your business deals in any way with larger amounts of data, a switch system is a necessity.

What the 16 port switch allows you to do is to set up linkages between computers based on the necessity and urgency of that linkage. This is in opposition to what hub systems do, which is to create an always-on system of computer links. In essence, hubs tie all of your computers together so that whatever one computer is doing, all the others are engaged in that process as well. If one computer is sharing a large file in a hub, all 15 others are processing that data as well, even if they have no reason to do so. This can seriously clog up your bandwidth and lead to much slower connections.

Your 16 port switch, on the other hand, makes linkages between computers only as you require them. If one computer is sharing with another, the 16 port switch senses this and allows that sharing to occur, without the other computers being involved. Those other computers may be engaged in their own file sharing but without the interference caused by all signals constantly being crossed.

How to Buy a 16 Port Switch

Given this advantage of switch systems, you will want to make sure that the 16 port switch you purchase will make the most efficient use of computer linkages. The best 16 port switches not only automatically sense when two computers in your network need to be linked and turn on that linkage, they will also sense how much bandwidth that pair of computers require to do the job efficiently. Thus, a 16 port switch should be able to stream information between terminals at a variety of download and upload speeds. Beyond that, some 16 port switches will have various other features that are meant to increase their efficiency in smaller ways.

Some Brands of 16 Port Switches

The switches made by D-Link are popular choices among computer network consumers. These switches, such as the DS 16+ Desktop 16 Port Switch, allows for dedicated linkages between computers with a space-saving design. This switch allows for either 10 or 100 megabytes per second connections, as required by the data sharing operation being performed.

The 16 Port Workgroup Switch made by Cisco also provides linkages of 10 or 100 megabytes per second for efficient use of network bandwidth. This 16 port switch also incorporates error detection and correction features to spot troubles in computer links and keep data flowing at high rates of speed.

Finally, the Netgear group of 16 port switches are among the most widely sold of these tools. These switches are sturdy and robust, allowing many years of uninterrupted service. Up to 16 users can plug into the switch for efficient sharing of data files.

16 Port Switches for Speed and Economy

Installing a 16 port switch into your network is a necessity for the busy office or business. These switches allow for increased data flow among your office computers and with the internet. This increased efficiency will save your business much time and effort. And as we all know, saved time is saved money.


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