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5 Simple Reasons Why SEO Is Important

Updated on June 4, 2012

When running a business, it is important that people are able to find you quickly and easily. It can mean the difference between making the sale and not making the sale. One way in which businesses have been trying to expose themselves more is through t use of (SEO) or “search engine optimization. This helps a business define itself and receive a tremendous amount of target traffic by using specific keywords or phrases that allow them to be found in search engines.

SEO article marketing is nothing new to the internet. However, many of these articles starting out were really not relevant to the content or were just copied from other places. These articles provide the web an opportunity to rise in the search engines will little to no effort. This penalized the SEO efforts by legitimate businesses. This has not been the case since “Panda’ which is Google’s new algorithm came out. It does not allow these “content farms” to come about any longer.

Today it is more important than ever to help get your business seen by people searching for information or products in your niche. Here, are five top reasons the investing time and energy into proper SEO article marketing will help grow your business and your sales.

Business Visibility

One of the benefits of SEO marketing is that it will distinguish your company as unique and able to provide a solution to the user’s problem. When you start a successful SEO marketing campaign, you are putting your business in the spotlight. If, you are in the spotlight, you will be able to get much more targeted traffic to your businesses website.

Brand Recognition

As, businesses grow and are able to provide a service or product to an individual that the company will become recognized. As, they become recognized as a leader in the service or product, they offer it will allow more individuals to see it out that require it. Therefore, increasing brand recognition for your business on the web.

More Business/Gain Leads

As a business, it is essential that people are able to find you on the internet. It helps provide people information about your business. It also provides people information on the products and services you offer as a business. If, they are searching for that information, your leads and sales will increase which means more profit for your business. You have a virtual sales person at your finger tips running your business twenty four hours a day without interruption.

Cut Costs

When doing article marketing online it helps to know that you are cutting your advertising cost tremendously. You are putting money out to advertise in other forms of media, to buy air time like on TV or radio. While, on the internet, your marketing is targeting traffic to your business for more than a quarter of the costs. You can even save more money, by creating your own content to share. It’s not hard to write about stuff you already know.

Get Business Insight

There are websites out there that can even monitor the traffic out there. They can analyze your efforts in helping you gain insight into which places are bringing you traffic. You can get to know which one of your campaigns are producing results, and help learn what is not allowing your other ones to succeed to tweak them. It does not cover everything but is a very useful tool in analyzing where and how you want your traffic to go.


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