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Tips for Local SEO

Updated on June 4, 2012

There are many different types of websites that cater to individuals. It could be a global website or a local website. The difference is, that when people search locally in your city they are more likely going to do business with local shops. So, modifying your website to target local individuals can greatly increase local business to your shop.

1. Claim your Places/map page

There are many sites that will list your business name and address for free. These map pages can be claimed by your business for location. Often times you will notice that there is a link on the page that says places. Click on it and fill out the information to verify that it is actually you. Google will often take you through some credential verifications to help prove that you are who you say you are.

Once you verify the information and your business you can complete the listing. Keep it short and to the point on what your business does and what it provides. Complete as much of the information as possible in the listing so that you are sure to secure your business.

2. Get listed in local directories

Many small communities and large communities both have some type of local directory listings. These listings are ideal for local company trying to advertise their services in the local community. These directories will often do them free of charge. Some of them are paid. However, each listing will be indexed for everyone in your city, making it easier to offer your services. If, the directory is doing well and sending the right kind of seo traffic consider a paid listing to get featured. You can use traffic programs like Google analytics to see what the conversions and traffic locations are free of charge for your website.

3. Place some classified ads

Often time people forget about classified ads. These ads also get the word out about your business. They can be placed online for free or with the information that you want to use. These often get huge amounts of traffic like Craig’s list. Along with other small internet advertisement placements. These small forms of advertising can send you traffic from where people are searching for it online.

4. Write content for your site

Always consider writing new content for your pages. The more content you have the more that Google and other search engines will love your site. They are always checking to see if current pages are changing or if others are older. Keep content fresh and you can enjoy the benefits of higher rankings and more traffic in local and global searches. They do not have to be perfect articles. However, should provide good information and allow you to recognize the situation and solution if you can provide one. People love to watch videos and other types of media during this process so adding them in your content can be highly useful.

Then it is time for the results. You may not see them right away. However, they will come. It may take a few weeks or a month, but, your efforts will continue to pay off as you continue to build more links that can help your business become more popular with the local searches and larger global searches. Be patient and you will begin to see results


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    Karen Silverman 5 years ago

    Great advice and information, K...the more 'techies' i know - the better off i