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A quick Over-View of Political and Financial Restructuring within our Country - and BitCoin Currency

Updated on March 5, 2015

The Economy is NOT "dead"... it's just RESTING

" He's NOT dead- He's just resting " [Monty Python's flying Circus]

"Look matey, this parrot wouldn't 'BOOM' if I put 4000 volts through it. It's bleedin' DEMISED!"

And, 4-Trillion Dollars - will still leave you with DEAD economy & more debt

"Too Big to Fail" is code for "Holding the Government HOSTAGE"

YOUR MONEY is used to cover INSTITUTIONAL investment liability

TRILLIONS of Liability, of "bad investiment". We are breaking all the ties that originally made the American Dollar the worlds (petroleum based) Global Currency.  The 2015 dollar is worth 2-cents of the 1915 dollar.  And OTHERS walk away WEALTHY
TRILLIONS of Liability, of "bad investiment". We are breaking all the ties that originally made the American Dollar the worlds (petroleum based) Global Currency. The 2015 dollar is worth 2-cents of the 1915 dollar. And OTHERS walk away WEALTHY

Boom Or Bust : The future of Digital Currency

Elizabeth Warren - taking a Stand in Congress

The Repeal of the Dodd-Frank provision- in Congress

Does ANYONE really fully appreciate the meaning of the repeal (in Congress) of the Dodd-Frank-Act provision which protects the (citizen) investor? Of it's impact upon your "retirement funds" that used to be sacred? Dodd-Frank did this to ensure that your investment-funds were SEPARATED, from the other - "Risky" - divisions of the banking / SEC sectors that did invest in the highly "volatile and risky" derivatives, (without your expressed consent) that normally would be called "Junk" or "Junk Bonds". This is part of a "bone" thrown toward us referred to as "Banking Reform". Except for one problem. The "reform" did not take root, nor last. And has been "broken" now, by the repeal of the most powerful thing that'd PROTECT a citizens money from BAD INVESTING... From Junk Bonds-But they are no longer considered "Junk", just by ... arbitrary ... "forgetfulness" ... I guess. "Forgetfulness" or perhaps conscious choice? Of the financial "professionals" in whose interest it would be... to see their "derivatives" do well?

Junk Bonds. I should say they'd be called "Junk" if it was 1985. But not today. Today it's part of the American "AAA"-rated Bonds "backed" by the Government. Why? (because it says so in the fine print) It MUST be "AAA"... it's "American". So it's backed by the Government in case it all "fails". And it's Good as "Gold". ... or, well, maybe not QUITE as good as "Gold". But it's pretty darned "Good"!

Or maybe not.

Too bad the company's responsible for this are NOT even "headquartered" in America (to an increasing degree)? Or, maybe they ARE "headquartered" in America but the divisions of the company that "are profitable" just happen to be "headquartered" in another region of the globe, like on an "island" somewhere... perhaps.. maybe... I don't know for sure. But all I DO know is my country appears to be increasingly poor. Yet, the Government keeps reporting "improved" economic conditions, and telling me that, financially "we are doing better". (When we are NOT.) And so, I guess it's too bad, then, and it IS a bad sign, that the larger personal fortunes of people (or the larger corporate accounts) are increasingly "taxed" elsewhere than here in America too. But you do realize this is just a technicality so they are less and less likely to be PART of the "American Liability".

"Liability" that average-Joe-American is entirely "stuck" with. Liability that the small-local American business on "Main Street America" is stuck with. So it is absolutely no wonder that more small business goes "underground", ceases to pay tax, and then that even INCREASES the speed of the systemic failure. All of this "Liability" is trapped within the Nations borders, (but the Money is free to go) And I find it HILARIOUS that "they" call-out BitCoin as the -potential- "criminal"... when it's the American Dollar that has been used for the greatest heist of all! attached to the Nations, name, states, and citizens. and the "average" American is "stuck" with it in the form of depressed economy. Inflated dollars. Non-existent local growth. (And, no, by growth, I do not refer to- "growth" of gigantic multi-national "chains" or government-based or government-funded / "stimulated" groups, do not count.) So- Aside from the "socialized" side of things. What's REALLY "Growing" around here aside from the debt of the nation? (or your personal debt?)

And yes, just because YOU are going to school, stop kidding yourself. YOU are just pushing a debt in front of you while you kid yourself for a few years. So you are now (unwittingly) part of the "problem". Go ahead and check statistics, associated with "graduations" vs. employment quality. The debt you are racking up now, will NOT be "worth" any job you obtain. That's all "going to school" is doing for you. Sorry. "schools are just businesses" so of course they "sell the dream". the BIG SCHOOLS are just trying to stay alive too by selling an old dream that no longer works.

If you are creating a debt... you are merely part of the old paradigm that created the entire countries current condition.

Do Any of you see a trend here? Anybody? No?

Considering the American Dollar is just about to crash? WE are stuck with all liability. No good economy, a dollar that is dying. And institutions that flee with America's dollars instead of re-investing right here on American soil.

We're "stuck" .... doing everything "ourselves" ... folks. Truly. The "old fashioned way".

Dodd-Frank... Congress... Doesn't anybody find this of "coincidental" interest? I do. And I believe that the metaphor is this. It's said thusly. "Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship".


Guess who is stuck ON that ship? Without a ticket to another island?

Note: financial rhetoric of the last ten years has ACTUALLY

- Created a situation where ...Our executive leaders of the largest financial institutions or the executive leaders of our political institutions, or the executive leaders of the regulatory institutions...

Have simply cleared the way for the "Big Money" to remain entirely within the countries largest financial institutions in the (long in the tooth) "Too Big To Fail" paradigm of budgetary management. The... Socialized... method of financial management which deems it appropriate that the "professionals" who got us into this mess, should be allowed now, to financially (personally benefit from this Dollar-Crisis, ...but now...) make YOU (the average American citizen) personally liable for each and every dollar now attached to each and every bad derivative that the "market makers" of the previous century, have pushed forward as bad debt... into the 21st century.

America's 21st century.

YOUR 21st century.

Don't you even REALIZE that wealthy "managers' of our country have turned our entire country into the First Stage of a giant rocket that pushes THEM to the moon. But leaves us all behind in the ruined wasteland of America's absolutely plundered and devastated financial ecology? Where, if we, as "common American people" attempt to go forage upon a land that used to be rich and filled with opportunity. With easy and "Low Hanging Fruit". We now have a group-mentality that has been (literally) contaminated with the concept of (Financial) "zombies" roaming the country-side. Threat, around every corner. And the never-ending vision of us running to pick up scraps left over from a civilization which has utterly collapsed.

While each and every day, is spent among the ruins of a once beautiful and vibrant way of life.

Is now a day spent in the middle of a living horror show?

Don't you even BELIEVE in the concept of a "group consciousness". A "collective conscious"? Do you not realize how easy it has been for us to be "programmed" by the previous "Broadcast Century"? How easy it has been to have us be "manipulated" as a herd?

And NONE... not a single one.

Of the executive leaders of ANY financial or political entity which has massively misdirected and poorly used Billions and Billions of dollars... none of them, now "pay a price". Other than receive a "golden parachute" and be "fired" from a position they never truly cared about other than that "Golden Parachute". Not a Single One of our "executive leaders" within our greatest and failing, but "Quantitatively Eased", financial institutions seems to be "suffering".

I've NOT heard any major headlines at all about this.

Nor will you.

It's all legal. And it's all "professional".

"Professionals" raise alarms on BitCoin and Criminal activity?

Uhm Ok-  What they MEAN is they do not want anybody horning in on THEIR turf! -this type of rhetoric from the "pro's" is actually Humorous.  ... BILLIONS and Trillions are manipulated by white collar criminals. This one factoid is from 2010 -in USD
Uhm Ok- What they MEAN is they do not want anybody horning in on THEIR turf! -this type of rhetoric from the "pro's" is actually Humorous. ... BILLIONS and Trillions are manipulated by white collar criminals. This one factoid is from 2010 -in USD

It's all legal. And "we" are truly on our own.

I am considering other alternative possibilities. I am not SAYING everything out loud here in public. But this would seem to be the better general and public way to look at our current financial and political climate.

I'd say the entire American System has been "brutally used" ... and now it is "used up".

The ONLY thing we do have left now is our freedom to innovate, and our freedom to choose. And it is my belief that we now MUST... Must... begin to "invest" our time energy and the best of our thinking into a "parallel" system. An entirely "parallel system" that will exist as an "overlay"... Or, perhaps a better way to describe it is as an "underlaying" infrastructure to the old system.

A new "underlaying" system. We can re-create and replicate systems that mimic the old ones. But which work within a new economy. We can have entirely parallel political, financial, and communications... via the internet.

The currency can be changed. New institutions of exchange, and financial support created. An entirely new system of medical support worked out. Along with parallel and new teaching / knowledge paradigms.

I think we need to be practical. And be "Open" to new possibilities here.

And I think we merely need to "opt out" of the old system. Or, in effect, you merely begin to "turn your back" on it. You merely "deselect" it. And SELECT... The new one. And begin building the "new one"...

Right... Exactly... where... you... stand.

It can be done.



"Mad Max Keiser" is hilarious (I think)

I turn to Max to laugh a little - and to think about the global affect of things.

Tho he's a tad "crazy"... it doesn't mean he's not correct, about overall trends in the financial world.

Sometimes... you just gotta go- LoL

The actual Keiser Report the edited video above is based on


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    • stvrich profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from East Rockaway - Long Island - Planet: Earth ~

      I BELIEVE WE SHOULD BUY AMERICAN... But... perhaps we should start using BitCoin, in all our business.

      Not only will it HELP us (as American's) but it will build a new economy that is more flexible and OPEN to everyone on the planet... even the poorest nations... it should be HUGE.


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