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A review and discussion of TollFreeForwarding, a hosted PBX provider

Updated on February 1, 2015

Free international calls for international customers

A lot of business and organizations cater to international customers. The first thing that usually comes to mind of many people upon hearing international clients are large, big, and established companies. This is quite obvious because of the high and expensive communication charges when contacting foreign customers.

However, this is not always the case especially with the type of communication technology we have nowadays. Using VoIP technology and the Internet, SMEs (small and medium enterprise) can compete and provide reliable services in the foreign market. Communication expenses are no longer an issue for SMEs thanks to hosted PBX services.

Brief definition and discussion of what is Hosted PBX -

Virtual PBX services are offered by hosted PBX companies - also called hosted PBX providers. Such companies are able to supply PBX services and advantages without the traditional and expensive PBX equipment. It uses VoIP technology and the Internet and has been seemingly proven to be a reliable communication system.

While searching for a good hosted PBX provider, was able to come across TollFreeForwarding ( It would seem that it is a provider well suited for this post as it provide hosted PBX service to small and medium businesses, who wish to obtain and cater to international market.

TollFreeForwarding Advantages

Apparently the main advantage of the service provider is providing an international phone line called "smart numbers". Reading more info from the web site, the company can provide local or toll-free phone lines abroad, even if your business does not have offices in those places. Currently, it is supposed to be available in 80 countries with 14,000 available smart numbers.

The smart numbers will act as virtual presence for the subscribing SME. Dialing the IPL (international phone line), the system automatically sends the call to the client's actual office number. A low-cost, perfect setting for businesses that has international customers (orders, delivery, etc...) as this customers prefer to use a local or toll-free number to avoid incurring high costs of long distance calls.

Services offered by TollFreeForwarding

Aside from the main benefit of gaining, handling, and satisfying international consumers, listed below are features and capabilities from

Failover Routing -

  • PSTN/PSTN Failover
  • SIP/SIP Failover and SIP with PSTN Failover
  • Failover to multiple destinations
  • Combine Failover Routing with Time/Day Routing, Virtual Extensions, or Voice Menu

Hosted PBX Phone System -

  • Unlimited Extensions
  • I.V.R
  • Call transfer

  • Dynamic Caller ID
  • VoiceMail2MyEmailSM and Fax2MyEmailSM
  • Any key acceptance call
  • Foreign extensions dialing
  • Assisted service for PBX set-up

Advance Call Forwarding -

  • On the spot changing of International Call Forwarding Settings
  • SIP (VoIP) Forwarding
  • Time/Day Call Routing
  • Simultaneous and Sequential Ringing
  • International Ringback Tones
  • Fast activation of new local and international phone numbers on your existing account
  • Choose your own phone number

Online Control Center -

  • Real-time Call Record
  • API Access Call Record

Why choose TollFreeForwarding?

Overall, the main advantage and business strategy of this provider is ideal for small and medium businesses wishing to achive or already handles foreign customers.

It would be impossible for your customers not to contact and establish clear communication with your office with all the features and capabilities of


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