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Importance of alt tag in images

Updated on August 20, 2010

Google guru Matt Cutts discusses importance of alt tags in images.

Importance of alt tag in images

This is the continuation of the hub :

Fifty ways to bring traffic

Recently I stumbled upon a video by Matt Cutts . He was explaining about the importance of alt tags in images.

Basically search engines don't know what is inside an image like humans do.The only way in which search engines recognize the content of an image is through the alt tag given for an image.

What is an alt tag ?

While we insert the image in web page we use the code

< img src"" alt="Tiger">

The alt tag describes content of an image to search engines which views them.In the above case the search engine will recognize the image as that of a tiger.

Stuffing in alt tag : This is a bad practice which can lead to low search rankings.

Don't use too much words to describe image in alt tag.

That may cause search engines to think that you are a spammer.

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