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Administration Server Could not Retrieve Updates

Updated on June 15, 2011

If your are using Kaspersky Workstation for securing your organization's computer, then you may face a common problem. For the client computer, you may find the message like Threat signatures out of date. And for the workstation, if you try to update it manually, you may find the message Administration Server Could not Retrieve Updates in your Server Admin Kit. Now a days, this is a common problem of Kasper-sky antivirus software. This type of problem isn't easy to solve. You have to find out several things to solve these types of problem. In this page I will tell you the solution of this type of problem which I face last week and can solved after 4 days later. So, to solve this problem read the following lines. In this page, I describe all thing step by step. At first, I give my own opinion about security related issues, then I tell your my problems which I faced to protect our organization's computer and the solutions at last. So, keep reading...

My recommendations about computer security

As a IT professional, I always recommend to use a good antivirus software and always keep it update (if you are using Windows operating system). If you don't update your antiviurs software, then it's quite meaningless to protect your computers. For a single PC it's not a problem. But for a large no of computers, it's a great hard work to secure the computers from different types of viruses, Trojans, malicious codes etc.

I'm doing job one company under IT department. The company has a large no of computers. To keep them secure form virus, it's a tough work. To maintain my company's computers, we use one antivirus software. We use Kasper-sky antivirus workstation version. There is a KAV server and all the others are KAV's clients. The server is updated all the time and the clients are updated form the server. If you do this type of network for your organization, then it's easy to remove viruses from your organization's network. Just make a server and keep it updated. And all the client workstations will be updated through the server.

In the following sections, I will provide the most frequent types of problems which I have to solved very frequently.

Problem: Threat signatures out of date

It's the common problem which occurs all of the KAV clients (client computers). When the clients can't retrive the updates from the server, it generates a message like Threat signatures out of date. Kaspersky needs to be updated frequently. If the update feature is not possible within a time limit then it generates that message.

Solution of "Threat signatures out of date" problem

  • Firstly, try to update the KAV client by manual clicking on the update option (To do it, right-click on the kaspersky antivirus key and then click on Update). If it fails follow the following steps.
  • Check whether the KAV admin kit is updated. If the KAV admin kit is updated then check whether Kaspersky Net Agent is working or not. I recommend to install Net Agent again (Most often, all of my problems solved by reinstalling Net Agent again). You don't need to uninstall Net Agent again. Just reinstall it. Now, try to update manually the KAV client. I think the problem will be solved now if your KAV Admin Kit is updated.

Problem: Administration server could not retrieve updates

When the KAV Administrative Server kit failed to update itself, it shows the message Administration server could not retrieve updates. If you tries to update again and again, it tries to update. You may see that the update is running and after a certain time a message is shown Administration server could not retrieve updates. It means that your KAV Admin Kit can't be updated for some reasons.

Solution of "Administration server could not retrieve updates" problem

This is the problem, if your antivirus server i.e. KAV Server Admin Kit is not working probably and if it can't be updated. This type of problem I faced recently. And it takes much time to solve. When I faced this problem, all the KAV clients failed to update. Then I tried to update the KAV kit server and find that it tries to update and takes much time. And finally gives the message Administration server could not retrieve updates.

There are many solutions are available to solve this problem. Many persons and many people tries to solve the problem and give several views and assumptions. Like me, you may tried all of them and finally you will find no output. You may find the solution like the followings:

  • Use attach file trace-on.reg to enable trace....
  • In many blogs, several persons request to send mail, to analysis that problem and ensure to give solution....
  • Many people tell to delete all files and directories under \updates and start updates again.
  • Create a trace....
  • And so more...

Actually, all these are enough hard to do and you need enough patient. But all the problems are created due to the attack of Kido.

I think, you already heard the name of the KIDO virus. This virus was first detected in November 2008. This is a worm and spreads across local networks and removable storage media like pen drives or removable hard drives. The latest generation of Kido is unable to spread by itself, but like earlier variants, it can update itself by downloading additional code.

So, to solve the above problem, you must have to download the KIDO removable tools. and remove all the KIDO virus. To remove KIDO virus, read the followings:

How to remove KIDO?

For removing KIDO virus, follow the steps:

  • At first download KIDO removable tools form the link KIDO REMOVABLE TOOLS.
  • Run the tools and when it finished then restart your computer.
  • Now, try to update the KAV server admin kit.

I think, the update is now completed successfully. Now find other KAV clients whether they can retrieve updates. I think they can.

By following the above steps you can solve the problem Administration server could not retrieve updates (for KAV Admin Server Kit) or Threat signatures out of date (for KAV clients) problem.

© Written by rancidTaste

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      8 years ago

      We provide access to the best and most diverse security software program, proving that security programs DON’T need to be expensive. SKY Security is easy-to-use, effective and a great way to protect your PC from the harmful viruses and spyware that can destroy your system.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      thanks.Now update is complete successfully.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Very clearly and exactly solution. Thanks very much!!!


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